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Former Denver Extra Board

Discussion in 'Nationsway' started by speedball, Aug 15, 2011.

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    When I started at Denver in 1988, I became #938 on the extra board, when the co. was still known as Northwest Transport. I still have the indoctrination CD tape (complete with music) they gave us after a week of safety training by the safety man. I was only there a short time, but at that time, almost all teams were run out of Denver. The change of operations came later. A typical dispatch for a team was Denver to Cleveland to Salt Lake (1 dispatch) or Denver to Helena to Spokane to Seattle (1 dispatch) pulling triples most of the way,north and west, (except Washington) with total weight nearing 110,000 lbs. With that many people on the board, it was amazing how smooth the dispatching went every night. The 58 MPH governed trucks, with "tattle-tale", really sucked, though. (The main reason I didn't stay too long) Quite an experience for a "flatlander" like myself, though. Formed a new respect for the guys that deal with going "over the hump" all the time.
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