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Discussion in 'Preston' started by bp3, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Still alive in Detroit (204). Answer to the question about the 100/200 numbers. All 100 terminals were Eastern Region, All 200 numbers were Central. PS, I was lucky enough to make it out to Preston MD, got to drive the Batmobile around the lot. Ugliest Brigadier I ever saw, but it got great fuel mileage!
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    There still is a Preston forum in " The Trucking Boneyard " area. Check out the Hanks Truck Pictures website,its great! They even have the Batmobile somebody mentioned.
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    I see where the old Indy terminal is gone now to make way for Old Dominion's expansion.
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    I thought ESTES was in our old terminal ??????? and Old dominion was in the old CF terminal ????
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    They were but Old Dominion bought the land and tore the facility down. Estes moved down to Holland's old terminal in Greenwood. Holland in turn, moved into the old Roadway terminal on Tibbs, not too far from Preston's terminal.

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