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    So usually in the summertime Friday has the potential to be a very long very heavy day. Anyhow, first off where are my manors? Hello everyone how are you all doing today?

    Okay now that we have the formalities out of the way, Friday can be a long day very long however were still out of season so tis not to worry just yet.

    Anyhow I got up this morning about 2am kind of and checked my voice mail and I heard that my load would be in 3:45am-4:00am and I thought, okay this works that will work.

    So I headed to the dark yard and I walked across the dirty cement wind kicking up blowing dust and salt everywhere I walked over to an older trailer that had my route number tagged on it. Then saw my tractor sitting up against the rail so I hooked up and headed to the office to grab the keys I would need for the day.

    Anyhow yesterday when I checked my route it was only coming in at about 13,000lbs so not to heavy. Well I got my trailer hooked up got what I needed done and headed out. Well my truck felt heavier then 13,000lbs I'll tell you right now.

    Anyhow I have a stop 3/4 of the way through the route that has to be done, before 11am so I was pretty much hustling as fast as I could shouting "Get out of my way you are blocking progress!" I tend to do that a lot when I'm in a hurry. Anyhow I was moving at a fairly rapid pace. Anyhow every stop I had was like 60 cases, 70 cases 80 cases 60 cases and 5-6 stops in the load was getting pushed further and further back into the trailer and I thought, you know I have to check and see what I have, because this is no 13000 lbs load.

    So I looked on my load sheet 18,222lbs with 723 cases and I went "Yep that makes a lot more sense." However I then thought "You know pretty soon these stops are going to become less case count wise, because at 60-70-60-80-60-70 cases a stop you'll knock that 700 count down pretty quick.

    Anyhow I thought geeze here I am in the off season and already at 18,222lbs when this route blows up in the summer will be 20,000-21,000lbs packed to the back.

    What happens is right now my Thursday because of school is pretty high on the case count numbers, but come summer Thursday will slow down and Friday will take Thursdays place. I usually do about 3,000 cases a week give or take, that's the numbers I throw. Anyhow I'm getting pretty tired have to go to Kentucky tomorrow.
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