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    Hi guys,

    So today is Friday horray! I have some exploring to do later tonight there's an account I do on Tuesday that I want to drive by tonight to see how busy they are, at any rate that's neither here or there at this moment in time right now.

    Anyhow so today I had a pretty good sized Friday 21,000lbs.836 cases. Only 13 stops which made it nice actually it was a good day I needed the cases to help make my pay check what I want it to be so it was good. So anyhow I got to the yard about 3:45am this morning. Opened up my trailer loaded to the back horizontal load bar with all the chemicals right on the tail end. So I said "Well today is a one wheeler" (are you quoting your self?) and put one wheeler in the truck and left the other wheeler in my pick up truck.

    Anyhow I then grabbed my keys for my key stops and took off for my first stop. Actually the load wasn't loaded bad, I've had heavy loads that were way worse workability wise then this one. However my trailer did look like a mess all day.

    Anyhow my last stop was one of our stores, I actually got that store some pizza, because I do a pizza place that makes pretty good food and I was in the giving mood. So anyhow what happened was there was a big order mishap and my self the store manager and our van driver had to break down and sort through the entire market place stores order. A customer clicked accidentally to have there order shipped to the market place and not there restaurant opps!

    Anyhow they let me punch additional time for that so you know money just flying into my pockets from everywhere ha-ha!

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