Full Pay after 30 days is a FACT !!

Discussion in 'Holland' started by wongway, Sep 15, 2017.

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    Chicago winter's,thinned the herd.
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    You lost me on the centimeters? The post was in response to skullcramp's post, I was using his logic that because those terminals got bumped to one hundred percent they would automatically be YES votes. Using his logic then the terminals that did not get the raise would be NO votes. I agree with you I have no idea how people will vote or if we will even get another vote or if another MOU is in our future or if I will even be alive in a year and a half. I hope we put up a fight and have gains on the next contract but i also hoped that Junior would lose to Fred in the election and that didn't work out very well at all. I do disagree with you that most of the new hires worked for low wages, I do believe that is true for some new hires but I also talk to new hires that are here for the insurance and don't even care if they make that much money they are just in need of good insurance for one reason or another. I am looking forward to the negotiations, even if we get a crappy contract at least for the next year or so there is a little bit of hope that maybe we can get something out of the company. I am not a fan of this new hire going to 100 percent at fourteen terminals but at least it shows that the company recognizes they have to do something when things get desperate. Now we just have to convince them that they are going to be desperate on April 1, 2019!
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    I would expect another "Greatest Contract Ever" again, just like before. Then two months after your yes votes are counted and the contract ratification process is completed, Hoffa will announce the cuts to your healthcare, just like he did with our original pension and pay cuts. Then claim that he didn't know anything about the upcoming cuts.
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