Fulton CO.OH.A Conway Freight driver was killed when he crashed into a disabled Semi.

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Apostolic, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Apostolic

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  2. a9faninnc

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    Hard to believe a truck stops in the middle of the road giving the driver no warning of a malfunction,so he can get to the shoulder..RIP Conway driver.
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  3. PearlyJoe

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  4. Apostolic

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    Isn't anyone talking on CB's anymore?
    We used to get alerts about these conditions back in the day.
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  5. chitownpeddler

    chitownpeddler Well-Known Member

    Many of the "new breed" drivers barely speak English at best
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  6. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Also they buy their CDL and physical cards because they do not know laws here. Who do you think is hitting all these low viaducts that you see the threads on here? But the ATA supports these types and now 18-21 year olds to help aleeviate their so called driver shortage.
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  7. WildHeart

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    Out in the patch we have to use them constantly so you can imagine my surprise when getting out on the highways in terrible terrible weather, accidents galore..and not a single soul saying ANYTHING. No one helping one another...it's just pitiful.
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  8. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Sorry to quote you twice Chi, but many of the new breed are illegally here, or somehow obtained a work visa and work for trucking company owners who operate as illegal as the drivers. Chicago area is full of them.
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  9. Ghostman59

    Ghostman59 New Member

    Why do you have make this about illegal aliens, I guarantee you Russell Florida was not illegal, and what would being illegal have to to with a truck breaking down anyway, this was an unfortunate accident...my condolences to the family.
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  10. Triplex

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    I think he is referring to the many new drivers who don't use CB and who don't communicate on the road like drivers did in the past. He's certainly not referring to the Conway driver.
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  11. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Thank you for clarifying that T. Not bad mouthing CW driver in anyway Ghost. Have many friends working there in Illinois .
  12. Goslo

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    I'd like to see more info, like what was the trucking company, and what are the names and nationality of the drivers.
    Cause I wanna know if they are foreigners, not that I'm racist, but because I believe a lot of these imported drivers are unsafe.
    Don't get me wrong, I can respect a man that has the guts to leave his native land and go to a strange country in an attempt to better himself.
    But the fact is it does pose a problem due to cultural differences. In some counties stopping in the roadway may not be such a big deal.

    As for CBs not being used, I have a theory about that.
    With the various forms of media available today, driver have a variety of options for dealing with the boredom of long hours/days/weeks on the road. And I would guess the #1 form used is the cellphone. But you can't very well hold a phone conversation and monitor the CB while folk are contentiously chatting on 19. So one of them has to go, and it's easy to guess which one that is. That said IMO the guys the insist on holding long drawn out conversations on the radio are a major contributor to why fewer and fewer people monitor the channel.
    I realize conversation on the CB was the way it was 'back in the day'..., but the days have changed. And if you refuse to change with them you can't go 'round pointing the finger at the 'new breed' for not responding when you holler 'hey southbound'.
    Let's make the adjustment and use the radio as a tool with which to report road conditions and other info pertinent to the task at hand.

    And then there's the issue of those that spend big money on base stations that seem to only have one functional channel. smh
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  13. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    The hamm radio ops that scream in for miles drive many people bonkers...that could go away and make a lot of folks happier.
    I don't even mind the long winded talkers as long as it's not during the worst of weather.
  14. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    I know that seeing I retired from trucking back in 2008 I'm out of the current loop of todays truckers.
    However being only able to relate to back in the day as far as the use of CB's.
    We old timers knew what was going on with road conditions & traffic alerts from those at,or around the scenes of such conditions.
    Or DOT check points which were nice to know.
    To get ready to encounter,or in some cases sit out till things cleared up.
    You might say the old CB talkers were our life lines in many cases on the highway.

    That is the reason for my post regarding the topic of this tragic crash.
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  15. pilgrim

    pilgrim Just to piss you off

    He was a good guy and a good worker when on the dock , he'll be missed , Happy trails Russ
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  16. pilgrim

    pilgrim Just to piss you off

    Whoa , whoa These numb skulls with cb[​IMG] base stations harassing truckers are NOT Ham's they are stupid cb[​IMG]'ers, little to no Ham 's would cause harmful interference . this is why we are Ham's not cb[​IMG]'ers we Hate them also , that's why we took the trouble to get our license, so we can play radio without dealing with these idiots . Calling a ham a cb[​IMG]'er is theworst insult you can bestow on a Ham in the Ham radio community .
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  17. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    I do beg your pardon. I really didn't mean Ham operators. I have personally known a few with cb's tuned to reach amazing distances, and I realize Ham operators get licensed and go at length to get up and running legally. I knew that the jerks with CB base stations are the ones I was talking about. It was really a slip of the tongue.
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  18. chowda

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  19. pilgrim

    pilgrim Just to piss you off

    No problem, the funniest thing is CB'ers only run power because they don't know jack about radios you can talk to Europe on 5 watts of power hams do it all the time it's all about your antenna . If you think im BS'in you search QRP to europe on youtube some do it with less than 1 watt

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