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Discussion in 'Dayton' started by spider monkey, Mar 11, 2010.

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    things are about to get intense around here,I am a long timer I have always enjoyed working for a family first company.but is all about to change with this 70 hour work week it is all about the company getting more from all of us for less.there is no incentive for our part timers to get full time with the hiring freeze,with half our work force part timers.the Dayton difference has become the Dayton daycare.it can not be all the drivers fault all the time.it starts in dispatch every single night they act like it is there first night on the job,but when you pay nothing u will get nothing in return.with all the open bids it is a big circle jerk,standing back watching is like watching the three stooges,u might seat three hours before u are in the line up to be dispatched with a empty.then they wonder why u run out of hours,so this is why we need the extra 10 hours of service so we can seat a couple of more hours away from home for free.
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    Guy's,, I don't know how many times we have to circle the maypole on this issue?? Why are you guy's sitting for hours for free? It is and has been a long-standing company policy that every driver, no matter if on a'closed bid', 'open bid' or a 'system' driver, we all have a scheduled start time. You are due at work and clock in 15 min. before your start time,to pre-trip your tractor, then, on your start time clock in again for your work. If your trailer is not ready,ask the person in the office if there is anything they have for you to do, and swipe the time clock to proper job,i.e. dock,yard, etc.The dipatchers cannot tell You they don't pay if your not ready.FIND SOMETHING TO DO!!! After a couple of day's of time charged to the terminal, you'll be suprised how quickly things speed up. As far part-timers, DFL has used part-timers in some positions for as long as I've been here,,some job positions are just not worth having a full-time person doing them,with the extra insurance and all the other cost's that go with full-time, I'm glad they have part-timers.
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    70 hours

    We at Duie have always been on the 70 hr work week ! This normal for most LTL companies, gives them more fexibilty. Most guys here enjoy the chance to get more hours. 8)

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