Got the CALL....I am on cloud NINE..What can I expect at the Interview?

Discussion in 'Wal-Mart Drivers' started by Pin Oak, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Pin Oak

    Pin Oak New Member

    I have been very fortunate that I have been called in for an interview next week. Can anyone give me any any insight to what kind of questions I can expect.A Wal mart driver told me that when I am givin the road test, before I back up, get out of my truck, walk back around it to make sure nothing is back there to hit..
    (Should I actually do that.) Never have done that before, as I always look around when I am setting up for the actual backing in.
    What about the pre-trip, are they looking hard at you when you are doing that?
    I have been driving a day cab for the last 13 years, and before that I drove a big sleeper unit over the road for 5 years. Should I explain to the person giving me the road test that its been a while since I drove a sleeper unit? (Should be no big deal)
    Does anyone know how long the interview might take?Any insight the interview process would be much appreciated.
  2. Bullethead

    Bullethead New Member

    I wish I could give you some insight. The whole process has changed though. I don't know who the interview is with anymore, whether it's a combination of the Manager and a conference call or what. As for the road test, Talk to the Safety guy and ask him what he's looking for and then just do what you do best. Always be absolutely 100% honest. I wish you luck.
  3. jingles

    jingles New Member

    you will be on a conference call with 2 people and the trans manager will be sitting with you,just answer honestly and be yourself,if they want you,you will road test and yes get out and look,and just drive like the professional that you are,sound horn when backing,good luck you will do fine and will be working with the premier driving job today
  4. Pin Oak

    Pin Oak New Member

    It was as you said jingles, the conference call was a video confernce, where I was talking to two people on the computer, they could see me, and I could see them, along with the trans manager in the office with me. Everyone was very professional.

    After that, did the pre-trip, was told there was no time limit, so it took me about 30 minutes, as I was very thorough. After that, backing tests at the center, I had not read your post, so I didn't know that you were required to honk the horn.

    Have never been on such a long road test, probably 30-35 miles. Everything fine, was told by the safety guy, that there was no issues except that I didn't honk the horn when backing.

    They told me that I would hear back from them soon, they told me what they were offering was 5 days on and 2 days off, would work the weekend, would not be assigned a truck right off the bat.

    A couple of questions if anyone could answer. Is there a large pay gap between a new guy, and a someone who has been working for Wal-mart for years. How much a week could a new guy expect a week, working 5 on and 2 off, and how long could I expect to work, before I could get a 5 on 5 off, or 7 on and 7 off, or some type of rotation, maybe a 6 on, and 3 off.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.
  5. Pin Oak

    Pin Oak New Member

    Got the call for my second interview. They must me intrested in me. Will be going up next week, (I live more than 200 miles from the distribution center).

    Anyone have any insight about the second interview? I hope they will be able to at least tell me what I can expect as far as pay. They told me at the first interview that I would work 5 and be off 2, the same days every week, and I would work week ends.

    I have never been able to find out exactly what Wal-Mart drivers make, or about their benefits or the costs of their benefits. The drivers I have heard are not allowed to discuss this information.

    I have a good job now, but the company is going down hill.(Not YRC) I make $60,000-$63,000 a year now, I hope that what Wal-Mart offers is good enough to make the drive every week, and give up years of seniority, and 4 weeks vacation. I have rumors that some of their drivers make $100,000 a year or more, I wouldn't expect to make that the first year, but it would be hard to leave to make the same money, or a little bit more.

    Any insight from any Wal-Mart drivers would be appreciated.
  6. Pin Oak, I do not know for sure how much walmart drivers make, but I talked to a guy delivering at our local walmart, and he said he works 5 days, and then is off 5 days, and he said he makes over $50,000 dollars a year. So to me, it sounds like $100,000 dollars a year would be possible, since this fella worked basically a half a year and makes $50,000. I talked to another walmart driver on the cb, he would not say exactly what he made, but he said even if you had to move across the country to work for walmart, it would be worth it, because he said after one year, you could transfer to another dist ctr closer to your home.
    Keep us posted after your next interview, and GOOD LUCK to ya.
  7. Cub loboy

    Cub loboy New Member

    The second interview is normally a job offer. You will be offered a shift, or choice of shifts, along with pay info. Mileage pay is just the base, "activity pay" is where you make the extra. If you are a real professional, you'll be working for a company that respects a real professional more than any you've ever seen. Morale is extremely high.

    Good luck.
  8. Bullethead

    Bullethead New Member

    Pin Oak, You can do considerably better pay wise than what your doing now. The 4 weeks vacation, it'll take a while to get there, 3 weeks @ 7 years. But I think its worth it, working conditions better, no hassles just do your job. treated well at the stores, vendors, DC's.
  9. I wonder how much "considerably better pay wise" is. I am thinking of applying with Wal Mart. I wish a Wal Mart driver or someone who knows would actually post the actual numbers someone could expect to make starting out. I guess it must be good, and they really must have to sign something saying they will not disclose the info, cause no-one ever tells.
  10. Pin Oak

    Pin Oak New Member

    Cub loboy you were correct, the second interview was a job offer. Filled out paperwork, and went for a Drug screen(which is no problem) and DOT physical, which I did pass.

    Interviewer said they will be doing a background check, and if everything comes back on that good, (which it will), I will be starting in the the next 3-4 weeks. He said they would allow me time to give my current employer a 2 week notice. Looking forward to starting with WalMart, the last place I ever plan to work.

    Thanks everyone who gave me some insight as to what I might expect during the interview process.
  11. Cub loboy

    Cub loboy New Member

    Pin Oak,

    That's great news! Congratulations and welcome aboard. I walked away from 25 years seniority and six weeks vacation and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You made the right decision. :clap:
  12. Stan Smith

    Stan Smith Moderator

    How's the deal there? I hear mixed things as far as their pay, benefits, and quality of life/home time.
  13. jbonesmd

    jbonesmd New Member

    Here is a hint for everybody. The "associates" who work inside the stores ( other than managers ) make some of the lowest wages in the country for comparable jobs. The same thing goes for the benefits. They open a new store somewhere and drive out smaller competition and family run businesses that have been established for years. They have no qualms about encroaching on sacred ground like civil war battlefields or knocking down historic buildings in order to profit. So as long as you have no conscious about that kind of stuff you'll be fine. Welcome aboard, and don't tell anyone about your pay and's a company secret.
  14. How is it that they "drive out" smaller family run businesses? I think you mean they offer their customers better selection and value thus the smaller places have to pack up and move on because they cant compete. Is that not why one goes into business in the first place? Why do you think it is that Wal-Mart parking lots are always full of shoppers waiting to rush in and spend their hard earned money?

    Is there a guarantee somewhere I don't know about that everyone who starts a business must be allowed to be successful with no competition? Maybe they should they be propped up by the government when they cant stay competitive. I work for Kroger should we not be allowed to come in and offer low prices, what about home depot,lowes,target and all the others. I think most clear thinking americans know what is best for their families and are more than able to make a choice between competitors big or small.

    When it comes to wages if a worker dislikes the money then by all means move on to greener pastures I'm sure there is someone who will gladly take their place. Many companies small and large are cutting back on benefits this is not a Wal-Mart only issue. As far as the sacred grounds you really need to work on your other talking points then after you can present a good case we can move on and discuss the battlefield issue and how Wal-Mart is "destroying" all these historic buildings.
  15. Cub loboy

    Cub loboy New Member

    After five months I'm very glad I made the jump.
  16. jbonesmd

    jbonesmd New Member

    You sound like a paid shill from Kroger who moonlights as a paid shill for Wal-Mart. Be sure to comment when the Food Lions of the world start to strangle the life out of Krogers. See if you can put that fire out. If you don't know the theory behind, or the history of destroying small business in America you should move to China. I hope where ever you live in them thar foothills of SW Washington that you have a nice view of Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and especially Food Lion when you walk out of your front door every day. You certainly deserve it. And you've earned it with those Union wages you bring home from Mr. Kroger.

    I defy you to encourage anyone in your family to go get a job stocking shelves at the local Wal-Mart. I bet you would get them on at Krogers first. It's also comforting to know that your just fine with the largest employer in the USA paying sub-standard wages and providing minimal benefits to everyone else but you. You have the makings and certainly the company attitude to make a outstanding greeter at the front door. Maybe Wal-Mart can come to SW Washington and knock down those gawddamn mountains and trees and build a 10,000,000 square foot distribution center up the street from you so you can watch those tractor-trailers go past your house all day and all night.
  17. Wal-Mart just opened a new super-center in our area (Woodland,WA) and as a matter of fact my son did apply for a job but they had many more applications than they did jobs,go figure. But with one of the worst unemployment rates in the country I'm glad as are a majority of the people that Wal-Mart came to town. No one will be taking on Kroger in fact its the opposite we gobble up or drive out the weaker in the business. As one of the largest food retailer in the nation I feel Kroger will only continue to grow and like Wal-Mart offer great prices on things people want. You can call me a shill but you need to get it right I am a shill for capitalism and nothing else.

    The sub standard wage argument is weak and pathetic at best and like I said you really need to work on your talking points you sound like a left wing drone that lifts his material straight off some lefty blog. Entry level wages are just that and only go up as a person advances in the work setting. What do you think a fare starting wage is, let me guess it's going to be high, way to drive even the big guys out of business. It's sad your against companies that have worked hard to improve the lives of so many of your fellow Americans, from providing jobs and great prices to the contributions they make to the economies of the small towns they locate in. Then you look at contributions they make to charity both locally and nationally and it's a win win for everyone except of course for that one poor boob that just could not stay afloat when up against someone that offers a little competition. Once again there is no guarantee of winning in this game so God bless you America and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart and Kroger.
  18. jbonesmd

    jbonesmd New Member

    Dear FirefighterDoug, Let me clear a couple of things up for you. No matter what you may think I am..I am not a literary thief. I don't steal words,thoughts or ideals from anybody. I am at least creative enough to come up with my own lines, no matter how nonsensical they might be to you. For all you know I could be playing you just to get a rise out of you. Maybe you and I live in two different Americas. Apparently you live in some fairy tale version of America where the streets are paved in gold and milk and honey drip off of every tree branch.

    Do you ever watch the news or even watch what's going on around you? I defy you to show any evidence related to the state of the World we live in right now that shows a positive trend toward anything other than the end of the World as we know it. The dream of a great American Society is long gone. We never even came close to achieving it. Our society is collapsing in on itself. This Country will never recover from the financial ruin that it created for itself. I'd love to hear your plan for satisfying the trillions of dollars of debt we're in. I myself am incapable of devising a plan for that due to my leftist leanings. When do you estimate that the worldwide war on terror will be ending so I can plan a party?

    And when are Wal-Mart and Kroger and all those other companies going to get this shambles of an economy straightened out? After all, they are the future. Are you a God fearing man? I suspect so. Surely you must know then..that the end of the world is close at hand. Do you believe that? Do you see the signs? Will Wal-Mart and Kroger be able to join together and crush the evil forces among us? It looks like there may be alot of available acreage in Tripoli pretty soon. Could be a great place for a SuperCenter. Be sure to write back soon. Let us know when that boy of yours gets a job.
  19. Mark

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    Ooops, my bad! For some reason my computer had screwed up.

    Has anybody heard from Pin Oak? I'm just curious as to how things are going for him.
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  20. Pin Oak

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    Things are going fine...

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