Greensboro Truck Driver Charged In Fatal Crash

Discussion in 'AAA Cooper Transportation' started by Jeff, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Lexington, NC -- A truck driver from Greensboro was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in connection to a fatal crash in Davidson County Tuesday afternoon. Troopers said that 29-year-old Melissa Rierson Loftin was killed after her car crashed head-on into a truck that jackknifed on Old Highway 52 north of Lexington.
    The Driver suffered minor injuries in the crash. He is a truck driver with AAA Cooper
    Greensboro Truck Driver Charged In Fatal Crash | | Triad, NC | Local News
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    That is a terrible accident. R.I.P. to Melissa Rierson Loftin. Sympathy to those who mourns. :(
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    Thats awful, I wonder what distracted him to cause him to go left of center, an accident is just that, not an on purpose, must have been a cell phone distraction or something to get him convicted like that.

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