Harrisburg 776 Thompson/ Hicks exploits of the death of a fellow brother Teamster

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    Life long ABF Teamster and Steward Greg Miracle passed away suddenly last year. Edna Miracle was unable to get assistance from Ron Hicks or Ed Thompson when she called the hall. She was abandoned and left to fend for herself while bills piled up. Thompson and Hicks are in charge of the Health and Welfare , but were MIA when needed the most. Thank God for former Business Agent Brad Hockenberry. Brad visited Edna's home three times and took her and her sister to Reading so she could receive her much needed benefits. Brad did this out of kindness, while our paid officials were MIA. Hicks and Thompson took the stage at the monthly meeting, almost shedding a tear, espousing how the Local was helping her during this time of grief. The facts are, only Brother Hockenberry and a few fellow stewards we're there for Edna. I have seen some pretty low and blatantly disgusting acts in my life but capitalizing on the death of a brother is just about as bad as it gets. I hope no one else needs assistance from Thompson and Hicks if a loved one passes. Edna wrote the Local a letter of thanks. Thompson chose not to read the letter to the members.The letter did not mention Hicks for obvious reasons, he did not help her. Did Thompson chose not to read the letter to the members because Brad was the only one thanked for his help. This is who Thompson and Hicks really are. Calculating opportunists collecting a paycheck from hard working Teamsters. Remember this when you see them.

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