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Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by truckinus, Jan 18, 2009.

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    I was just bored and reading about how Oak Harbor Appreciates their employees. Here is a quote from a fine gentleman.

    "This is the only company I have worked for that starts every major meeting with prayer, which means that their principles are primarily Christian based and not just purely for profits...they are very much people oriented."

    Do they have these idiots brainwashed or what? I'm a Chrisitian and there are a lot of people that wear the Christian hat while they are bending you over. I guess I am a little more cynical than most.
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    The reason they are so fervantly praying is for the survival of their company in the face of the union onslaught and the worst economy since the Great Depression.

    If I were management, I would be praying at the start of every day, too.

    Not that it's going to do them a damned bit of good... LOL!
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    did anyone notice that they are all relatively new employees all from the new cali terminals i wonder why none from washington oregon or idaho ohhh i remember we now what it was like to have GREAT BENEFITS AND A RETIREMENT PLAN without having to drop on bended knee and pucker up i hope they are all happy with the pay cuts and increased healthcare cost oh and i wouldnt look at the 401k's anytime soon i think people might have to work an extra 10 years(projected) to make up for the recent losses with out the teamster employees dave and ed vp are having a blast slashing and cutting and cutting and slashing get used to it just to think all those cali guys came up to help this company out during this ongoing strike and to thank them the vp's gave them a 10% pay cut keep up the good work simpletons

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