Has Sysco become a bottom feeder?

Discussion in 'Sysco' started by grocerythrower, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. spongebob

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    absolutley delaney destroyed this company we are nothing to them we have such a turnover cant count them all anymore here in central pa. we lost about 20 guys in a 3 month period hiring guys who cant even drive a standard transmission accidents are through the roof losing customers daily i guess this is how they are saving money.
  2. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower Super Mod

    I can relate to that spongebob, glad your still at it, as for your question Money, I have a couple prospects, I won't quit until I have something solid I can live with, we are getting short handed by the week it seems, its embarrassing to be honest.
  3. Moneyman01

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    GT you need to call me one of these days to catch up and stuff
  4. grocerythrower

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    I know, its tough because I push my 60 every week, sometimes more, I sleep all weekend and try and have some time with Di, she got on faceless book so I got on here to catch up, what time do you depart? Are you running the system?
  5. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    No I got a bid. I leave at 9pm. I understand what you are saying gt
  6. grocerythrower

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    Thanks buddy, I will call you this weekend, if I forget by Sunday just send me a text, I'm glad you got a bid! I do miss talking to you, I got to get off here soon, Di and I have a date to watch Sleepy Hollow, we have been waiting for that damn show to come back on!!!
  7. drew352

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    guess its same crap at all Sysco.. im in the warehouse n they keep hiring like crazy to cut hours. getting bunch of ppl who never selected before or came from places that aren't use to muiltipe stop pulls. so I feel bad for u guys having to unload it. ive went from workin 50hrs a wk to about 35hrs like $800 pay cut. most of the senior guys are on there way out Im the #4 best selector in warehouse and are top 3 are leaving in the next few months because of the cuts
  8. grocerythrower

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    Welcome to TruckingBoards Drew!

    I am sure glad to have a selector here, I don't envy your job, our guys got cut too and alot of them left, you guys make or break us, I can speak for all the drivers that a good selector is priceless to us, so from me to you...thank you Brother!
  9. TedWard

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    Sun settin' over Sysco, could be a sign.

  10. grocerythrower

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    So yer sayin the sun rises and sets on Sysco's ass?
  11. TedWard

    TedWard on the Chainwax

    I thought it was a pretty picture and maybe you could see Sysco in a different light.

    I don't think the meat grinder business model that the big truck driving companies use will work at Sysco. Isn't the main reason they get away with it is the lower wages they provide? Run your tail off for less than $1000 per week? A lot of drivers that can make it at those companies will not make it here.

    The move from ABC to DIP was a big hit for a lot of drivers, but it was a nation wide move. If we're back to hourly, then we're hourly, and it can only go up from there.

    I like the fact that drivers are slowing down to a reasonable pace, we're always going to be short handed and overworked, and as a result we'll always have a lot of drivers off or on light duty because of injuries.

    We've been hiring inexperienced workers since before I started, but you have to be sharp and be a hard worker to keep your job here, and the fact that Sysco can't find enough drivers like that says as much about this country's work force as it does about Sysco.

    Don't worry about the drivers that laugh in your face, we will own their company soon enough :)
  12. MikeJ

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    All I know is Sysco Food Service of Cleveland didn't want me. However, it's gotten so bad here in Cleveland that Sysco spends thousands of dollars to advertise for help on the radio. At what point to customers go, you know Sysco the service is bad, the food is expensive, maybe we should call one of the regional companies or give this ever increasing in size GFS company a try.
    Look here they are:


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