Have you guys been busy at Sysco the past 2 months?

Discussion in 'Sysco' started by MikeJ, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Well the past two months Michael has been very busy delivering beer.
    I haven't seen my regular truck or trailer now for two months. Oh wait that is a lie I saw it once and it was filled with garbage and cigarette ash and I gave up trying to keep it nice.
    I don't know where the truck is or where it went. My regular trailer has been sent here there and everywhere.

    They had me loaded down in 16's and the occasional 18, but not to often in the 18's the 18's are like I guess a 38 footer maybe and the 16's are 36 feet something like that to give you a ball park.

    However for where I go I like my little 14 bay trailer which is like a 28 footer. My 14 bay trailer can go in and out and it makes things easier.

    Anyhow have you guys been busy? I have been very busy today I was hammered all heavy stuff (champagne) champagne is our flour and a good handful of beer kegs too. In fact my wheeler now has a crack in the frame the aluminum cracked all the kegs and stairs eventually fatigued and cracked the aluminum. Maintenance found a new frame though for my wheeler today and Friday they are going to instal the new frame.

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