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Discussion in 'Wilson Trucking' started by viller, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Hey guys,
    Just signed back up to the new board and was curious if anybody else is having this problem (or has a simple solution)...

    I'm assigned one of the newer styled Volvo with the funky styled headlight covers. The trucks in good shape but 500000 + miles (just got it back from an "A" inspection) and countless trips down sandy highways have really done a number on the headlight covers. They're so scratched and hazed over that night-time driving has become quite an adventure. I currently have to run the high beams full time just to get around.

    After countless write-ups and complaining,TM states he can't swing new covers right now. I thought it would be repaired during the A inspec but no dice there. Is there a simple, quick repair that a lowly driver can do to get by. We've got about 3-4 other local trucks with the same problem at our terminal
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    Have it sent to CLT or ATL for buffing. Make sure they buff the little lens inside also.

    PS welcome bac
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    you can buy kits at most auto parts stores to restore lenses,unsure if they really work but might be worth a try.

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