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    I don't think this really belongs here, but if the Moderators want to move it to the general discussion that's fine, if not I don't think anyone is going to care that much. It's not really food service related, but what started as a dissertation on my career as a newbie getting into the truck driving business delivering perishable goods has gone and morphed into some whole other ball game kind of ha-ha!

    This is going to take a lot of energy to put into words, but what ever that's fine sometimes I tend to just write and write and write and write and I know a lot of that is way to much for people to read, but actually it takes a lot of concentration and work to be able to put everything into words and try to make in interesting I hope. I always try to encourage discussion and opinions. I know sometimes the food business can get a little dry at times were a pretty consistent group were not like the LTL companies listed above with changing policies and merging companies and up and down freight levels and buy outs and what not. Were more here's your load deliver it. You run regular routes everyday sometimes there's ad on's and what not, but we don't have the whole goofy do residential stops in a tractor trailer like the LTL guys have.

    Anyhow good weekend this weekend, bad weather yesterday 90's hazy and just awful. Today though was beautiful. I was BSing with my friend most of the day and my neighbors were having a graduation party which I didn't give a single thought to until my neighbor comes walking over. No big deal I thought that maybe they had a piece of pie they wanted to give us or something ha-ha!

    Anyhow for the longest time my neighbor thought that I would be a perfect match for his niece. Now I've got everyone's attention.

    Now, I'm not really in the mood for an impromptu Sunday afternoon blind date, you know my brother always said to me "You know if there's one thing I don't like it's forced conversation." However how do you say no to that I suppose you can and people do, but I thought well alright fine if you took the time to walk over here then I guess I can take the time to go over there, it's not like I'm doing anything anyhow.
    Which was true I wasn't doing anything at the moment anyhow.

    So I walk over there and met his niece and we talked for a matter of a little while actually it ended up getting to be like 7:30pm and I said "I got to run." She was fine probably out of the 3 best I've ever dealt with, but I don't know I'll be honest I pretty much gave up on dating and it's something I don't feel I can justify right now and I'm also kind of stuck in neutral for it, which is why I don't do it. I just ran out of gas for it right now.

    Actually his niece didn't seem like she was real hot for dating either she had a good head on her shoulders, but I'm very apprehensive about getting into relationships I'm extremely apprehensive about it. Part of the problem is I do not want to hurt anyone including my self. I have no interest in leading people on and this is why I stopped even bothering I just can't justify it in my mind I don't even know if that makes sense.

    Other problem is I don't feel it's the proper use of time and energy for me I feel that putting time and energy into dating is a waste especially because and this has been my experience individual results may vary, but women chose and men respond. I have never once had it work the other way, now here we are where neither one of us chose each other ha-ha so that's a monkey wrench if you will that's the invisible force the unmovable object as Jane's Addiction once said.

    So what I did was I gave her my number she did give me hers but I think she just felt obligated. I don't care about giving out my cell phone number, my cell phone number isn't really a secret no I'm not going to post it here on this forum, but it is not really a secret. I had a carpet cleaning business for 4 years and it was on the internet for all those years when it was attached to the business so it's not a secret, plus the age old hey balls in your court your the woman you do the choosing and I'll do the responding. Anyhow it was a typical date in my life pretty inconclusive I'm done running either you come to me or you don't and if you don't well that's just how it goes after all as I said before no skin off my back. I don't get the impression that she'll be running to hard to get me though. I just don't think that's how it's going to play out.

    At any rate I'm very good at being single, I know that might sound stupid, but with me here's the bottom line relationships are while there treated very casually now a days in this culture there really not and the price of failure is very high anyone who's dealt with the divorce industry can attest to that. Granted that's way jumping the gun, but I guess and it doesn't really bother me, when it comes to this side of life I'm kind of a loner and hey different strokes for different folks. However will see you never can tell.
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