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Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by Javohn Maner, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Javohn Maner

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    Just wondering how to get my bills per hour higher. Higher bills per hour=Becoming a chaser=Full time sooner. I always hit whats left to load & load it unless its on the complete other side of the dock or it just looks like a pain in the ass to load. Any other suggestions??
  2. Jeff

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    Just do your job safely and secure the freight the way it is supposed to be secured, They know who does the job right. All the freight is different, the people who have the hi bill counts are those moving 1 skid per bill, when you have to move 4 skids and go halfway around a terminal it takes time. Good Luck
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  3. Loucifer

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    I thought I heard that they were not using BPH as a measuring criteria any more, due to focusing on safety and claims reductions.
  4. mikepetry

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    When in doubt, floor it out.
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  5. mxblue

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    BPH is still king. It's the first thing the red shirts look at on their screen.

    When you pull into the trailer, evaluate it quickly and determine what you need to do. Need to put up beams? Get your beams up, place your board down (if needed), start your rope. Secure your freight, and bounce. Do it right the first time, nothing worse than having to get called back to fix some shady load.

    Don't overthink it. Is someone loading eight skids in and they're three skid in? Drop your freight and come back. Or, give them the checker and let them load it. Move on. Don't sit there and contemplate what you're going to do. You need to make decisions quickly. On the flip side, if you're the one loading eight skids in, and you're half way though, someone rolls through with one skid that can be floored out (or you can work it in), tell them to leave it out and you'll throw it in when you're done. They might return the favor next time you come into a door they're loading.

    Don't overthink it. Keep moving.
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  6. GMAN

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    Loading it fast doesn't mean it's being loaded correctly.
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  7. Packratmcw

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    That's great advice, I work the dock almost every night, if you take a deck down take it with you to the loading trailer, chances are you are going
    to need it and it saves time chasing one down. Don't talk to everyone, every time you stop and talk you loose at least 1 bill. Carry straps on your lift.
    I am usually between 8.5-12.5 BPH and nobody has ever said a word to me. Just work safe and smart like everyone has said.
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  8. Clandestine_ice

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    I myself have a slight different take on the matter. Socializing with your fellow workers between bills increases your productivity by way of elevating your endorphins, therefore making your working environment that more appealing. Also, beep your horn incessantly as I am told redshirts really seem enjoy the sound of forklift horns. And lastly, whenever you come across an unmanifested bill, don't waste time by running to the dock stand and having the redshirt waste time looking up the pro...instead, just find an available outbound trailer, and just put that puppy in there.

    See ya on floor load Friday!
  9. mattbob

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    I think you have a good outlook on dock work. I will have to try this method
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  10. suzy1052

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    Sounds like the brisk walking pace has crept back into a slow jog.
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  11. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Hot girly thread photographer

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    If you guys would just wear a hat like Big Dave, you could put them up in his coop slot, then your bill count would be higher...
  12. Richard Cranium

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    We here at RC and Co. are proud to report that our BPH is zero.zero.
  13. 2nomore

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    Sorry I'm late. Tried to boost the bph thing years ago, had 4 skids lined up, pushing all 4 down the dock ,keeping within safe dock speed rule, red shirt went wacky (opps- more wacky) Now. I just sits in my truck and wonder what could have been.
  14. FedexLube

    FedexLube Well-Known Member

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    Some guys like running a train on the dock and the redshirts get jealous
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  15. Big Dave

    Big Dave What?! A low bridge and boardwalk at same time?!!

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    Did you ever pull...umm..run a train on the dock, Lube??
  16. seabreeze

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    This sounds like more fun than a truck on the boardwalk.
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  17. seabreeze

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  18. Citori_cx

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    Just do your job the way you are supposed to. F the bills per hour and F the ltc list. Biggest BS lists in this company. If you are working hard, do it right and safe and not screwing off that is going to get you noticed.
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