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    Article is full of factual errors. Leland James formed "Consolidated Trucking" in 1929, then later changed name to "Consolidated Freightways" after buying other small trucking companies.
    The CNF corporation was the holding company for "Motor Freight", the baby con-ways, also known as CTS, Emory, etc. The CNF corporation spun off "motor freight", Not the other way around. Consolidated Freightways Motor Freight then had to come up with its OWN stock ticker.
    Now, CEX (con-way eastern express). In 1982-3 the east was still a bastion of teamster organized trucking companies. I don't remember the
    mans name who was given the task of CEX...It wasn't Detter, and he did not shut down CEX....CNF big wigs did. There weren't empty non-union terminals available to lease, so CNF decided to buy Penn-Yan Express...a union carrier with it's own terminals to get their CEX operation going, and get exposure in the east. Contract time came around and the rank and file went on strike because of, or lack of good faith negotiations. CNF corporation decide to close the operation down.
    CNW corporation came about after Dougles and the great Johnny L (sarcasm) decided to form one "operating" company, rather than a holding company arrangement. This, and a couple fools following as presidents and their treatment of the men, and the giant DEBACLE known as Lean,
    were the downfall of the company. They became less profitable year after year, and the rest is history. It became a trucking company run by people who knew absolutely nothing about trucking.
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    Most of that story is pure bulls#!%^ if you want to know trued of Cf get the book never stand still and that's the true story of Consolidated Freightways
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