Holland To Abolish UE Drivers

Discussion in 'Holland' started by Kennesaw Kid, Oct 14, 2008.

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    You guys can go back and forth about ue,city, road,dock and yard,the fact is USF Holland didn't need ue employees.Road drivers were doing their job,kicking frieght and dock and city were doing their job and we were making money.We can chalk it up to yrc scewing up again!!!
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    One of thee most discouraging threads I have ever seen on here:
    it saddens me to see the break down in positions and forces, to think back when Holland stood out from the rest with loyalty to your union brother and dedication to our customer came 1st.
    In the worst economic times we have see in years. Do you really think the change of positions is the reason for layoffs and job loss?
    With petty concerns like someone sitting in your chair with your name on it or buying the sandwich from the vending machine that you wanted or cheap shots of placing criticizing childish labels on positions like roadies is the best solution we can come up with then we are doomed for future labor contracts.
    You say our Union leaders let us down but with the most recent Letter of Memorandum, they turned it down because there was no clear rules of drop-n-hook ext.... and the probability of loss jobs. Wasn't that looking out for you?
    The facts still remain no matter what position you take and thank God you still have the right here the USA to have and voice your own Opinion
    * The southern conference has always had the rule that if there is less than I believe 5 city people working they can drop-n-hook there self and make drops
    *Line-Haul has always been able to make drops, pick ups and drop-n-hook trailers at dark terminals.
    * At some terminals you now pull your trailer from the dock yourself while city people are still working.
    *Road-Drivers are now working along side UE drivers at velocity terminals unloading there trailers completely staging there freight according to destination and loading there trailers as to not violate the rule of cross docking for future pick ups from other road-drivers.
    There's much more but I have work to do so I leave you with this .

    Diversity in your position and opinion is acceptable but division of the forces is the doom for our option for future negotiations
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    It appears that you have good work ethics and that is great, but we are all grown men and professionals and we should not have to have mangment baby sit us we should be able to work with out supervision!
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    I agree with you on that statement.

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