Hope To Transfer South (any tips welcome)

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by Macklin, Aug 27, 2017.

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    So I currently live in Wisconsin and am still quiet new to the company so I don't know much about how transfers work and what not. I'm the bottom driver in the terminal and probably will be for awhile. My fiancée and I want to transfer south and get out of Wisconsin. We plan to do it in the next year or two but I don't feel like waiting would be the best idea since I'm already bottom I have nothing to lose. She wants to go anywhere in Florida but I just want to go south I don't care where just out of Wisconsin and somewhere warmer. Ha

    So here is a few questions I have for you guys.

    1. Do you think transferring now is better then waiting

    2. Will the company help at all with the move?

    3. Where south would be the best place to transfer to your opinions. (I'd like to keep the fiancée happy so maybe Florida) ha

    4. Do I have to be with the company for a specific amount of time before allowed to transfer?

    5. Any tips or suggestions would be great.

    Thanks in Advance
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    1.transfer now
    2.not to sure but I think that's a big NO
    3.good luck on that
    5. The barn you want to move to must have an opening for the position you want
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    Why waste you time with a transfer ? Hire in somewhere else. Don't look back.

    In the South labor relations are very different than up north. So are living conditions and situations. RENT BEFORE YOU BUY. You may be moving back to snow country sooner than you think.
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    Yes i agree move on if you can
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