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Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by Jeff, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator

    Ain't it cool how they get generous when it's snowing or they are scared to drive? :biglaugh:
  2. train

    train Member

    You know spring is just around the corner and I could use a new club or two and you just convinced me to sign up for extra runs on the week ends till times get better. This might make up taking off for bad weather oh wait staying home pays just as well as working with no stress guess I'll just take the extra money to spend frivolously.
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator

    You won't hurt me.... I don't work on weekends
  4. BusterNite

    BusterNite Well-Known Member

    When its snowing and I am scared to drive, I stay home and I don't want anyone doing my run. I have seniority and my run is to be done only by me.:biglaugh:
  5. Snowdog

    Snowdog Member

    dats funny....:biglaugh:

    Better tell Fred, so he doesn't get confused about who answers to who...:popcorn:
  6. sliver

    sliver Member

    Is that train for real
  7. hooty

    hooty Member

    42 on that drivah! I guess I shouldn't look at it that way but I do wish some of these fella would take off when the pavement was dry too. Be sweet to get 3 nights in at least 2 weeks a month.
  8. jdk1600

    jdk1600 Member

    God week so far. Actually worked Monday and Tuesday.
  9. Loose Canon

    Loose Canon Member

    Couldn't you have signed HGR and worked everyday?
  10. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator

    That avatar kicks butt :biglaugh:
  11. jdk1600

    jdk1600 Member

    Loose_Canon wrote:

    I could have taken the last spot at HGR. But that driver is not working every day. I still make at least the same amount as that driver when I work fewer days a week, because when I do run it is usually further in miles plus dock work. Last week I went to POS twice and YNG once. POS is 126 each way and YNG is 279 each way. Plus I had dock work of about two to three hours at POS each night. Not to mention that in the last spot in HGR, you almost always never get to run a via anywhere. You are simply too far down. We have five drivers that go to HGR. And the miles are only 78 each way. I still like the extra board better.
  12. trucking62

    trucking62 Active Member

    well that was your choice atleast you had one.with all the threads you"ve written you would have thought the sky was guys go on vias at least 3 to 4 times a week out of hgr and good ones at we now dont have to here you cry anymore about no work because you could have taken a bid and if you were cancled you go to the extraboard any way.:loser::loser:
  13. jdk1600

    jdk1600 Member

    Being on the extra board is better than going to HGR in the last spot in my experience. I tend to get more miles and spend less time on the patio. I never complained. I've always wanted to stay on the extra board. One night to YNG is almost a week of driving to HGR.
  14. trucking62

    trucking62 Active Member

    I guess you need to go back and reread your own words.You did nothing but cry about the road drivers not feeling the pain yet you are one. And complained about not working but only 2 times a week.You just said that you went for unemployment,what last week.My point being you could of took a solid bid and worked rather than take chance on xtra.It is rather ironic how some people talk on here and then when you find out who they are or what they are all about you see there true colors.Oh yeah buy the way you just missed out on the layoff i see.i hope the guys from yrc dont find that out.:loser:
  15. ncshotgun

    ncshotgun New Member

    When the next clown gets elected..........
  16. ncshotgun

    ncshotgun New Member

  17. ncshotgun

    ncshotgun New Member

  18. train

    train Member

    Oh yeah I'm for real. Let's look at it this way if I stay home and let you work on a day of bad weather you just might if you are good ( in A bob a looie way) parly that into two days work or just maybe a couple of paid days in a motel. That would be 8hrs out of every 24. So see we are really looking out for you. Reminds me of the story of Bob and Ray, these two guys were put to work digging ditches. Well Ol Bob was just leaning on his shovel (pc) telling Ray, who was digging away at that ditch like a cat with loose bowel sydrome, how "One day I'm going to run this company, yes sir one of these days!" Well about five years later up pulls Ray in his brand new super crew cab truck, unloads three or four guys and commences to direct these guys , dig here, build here and so on. mean while Ol Bob is still leaning on his shovel saying, "You know one of these days....."
  19. goin postal

    goin postal Member

    i got an idea layoff all the cry babies
    I'd like to see a few more of the senior road drivers take a day off occationally to allow others to work. We have some out of our hub who take off a couple days a week to help out and then we have those who run 650 miles a day and sign the Saturday list. I try to take a day off once a week or so, man I wish some of the others would. Proudly, we have some drivers that are very vocal on the subject, way to go HOUNDDOG.

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