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Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by Jeff, Jan 18, 2009.

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    [quote author=Jack Danuals link=topic=51317.msg830397#msg830397 date=1274049021]
    I started at the bottom of the city board 20 years ago. When my kids got out of school and i didnt need the evenings and the weekends I switch to road...When i got older and didnt wont to push that freight around anymore i switched..

    You know dam well thats why you guys want one board..So you can switch with no sacrufise...Its BS..

    The city boys dont want to work nights and lets make it one board so i can work days monday thru friday and bump the guys that put in there time and maybe my spouce wont devorce me because im not there sleeping with them everynight..

    Jeff why would start this BS...any one who votes 1 board are all weak and lame. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...GETS SOME BACK BONE AND STOP TRYING TO SCREW THE GUYS WHO SUCKED IT UP AND DID THE RIGHT WAY.


    [/quote] Nice post! You have explained it perfectly. Everybody knew the rules back then, and they want to change the rules now. BS.

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