How Do You Get a Job With a Transportation Company?

Discussion in 'AAA Cooper Transportation' started by bluesnail, Jul 5, 2010.

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    I am not just talking about AAA Cooper Transportation, but any company. If I wanted to find out about getting a job there, I would do the following.
    1. Show up looking decent, well groomed and properly dressed. You will be representing your company when you go out into the world. Look like the kiind of person you would hire if you were the hiring person. Turn your cell phone off.
    2. Ask to speak with the Terminal Manager or Assistant Mgr and express your interest in becoming employed there.
    3. Know a little something about the company and understand their basic layout. Are they LTL or Volume Carrier, etc? How many terminals do they have?
    4. Are you prepared to work on the dock for a while before a driving job may appear? Will you work city or road? Days or Nights?
    5. Be prepared to produce your records of employment, driver records, and references. Have copies with you. Have a pen in your pocket and be prepared to take notes of what they tell you.
    6. Be willing to take a drug test anytime.
    7. Be willing to work anytime your are called to work and do whatever they need done.
    8. Know whether or not you can take part time work until something full time opens up if that is what you are seeking.
    9. Look him/her in the eye and tell the truth. Volunteer to take a polygraph or telephone voice analysis test.
    If you can accomplish all these things, I'd be willing to bet you got a really good chance of getting hired if a job is available. If nothing is available, thank them for seeing you, and send them a thank you note and call on them again at a later date. Persistence pays off.
    Good luck. If you are this kind of person, I hope you get hired at AAA Cooper Transportation. We got a company full of great folks. You may have a career here.
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    (((Volunteer to take a polygraph or telephone voice analysis test.)))

    Would they like a stool test as well? This was too funny. I had allot of friends come look to see it for themselves.

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