how far is to far?

Discussion in 'Saia' started by claim jumper, Mar 25, 2016.

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    I had to log everyday and I log off for my breaks and lunch when I took them .
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    Point being that NOT taking a lunch isn't an option anymore. There are a couple ways to fool the E-log, but an hourly employee doesn't get paid for that 30 minutes so I never worked through my lunch. If for some reason I did, I would have sat around on the clock for 30 minutes at the end of my day to make up for it.
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    Wow. Get back from vacation and I see topic drift is still everyone's specialty around here. Somehow we always end up on how bad Saia and Train suck and everyone should quit and find other jobs. Geeeze. Getting a little old dontchathink??

    Now, the answer to the original question is this, plain and simple.
    Mon-Thu they'll let you run higher miles if they need you too. On Fridays you won't have 'quite' enough miles to get home, sorry, full dispatch for you on Saturday/holiday! Ta da!!
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    Many guys in P&D don't take their lunch. When they get in they manually clock in and out for lunch saying they took it when really they didn't ...... The reason for this is very obvious, but I find no need to go there at this time. I just want to do my job as soon as possible and go home. I hate sitting around at the end of the day taking my lunch like many do. I want to go home. Everyone is different. Many just love to ride the clock. I want to go home ASAP. That's why I follow the rules of the DOT and take my lunch at the correct time.
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