How is it to work there?

Discussion in 'Southeastern Freight Lines' started by easygoing, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. easygoing

    easygoing Member

    I am thinking of moving to the SC area? Whats it like to work for southeastern? Pay rates? How do they treat the drivers?
  2. sabresfan

    sabresfan Active Member

    Good pay and benefits. You will earn every last penny you make there. If your going city take your time. Don't run like crazy.

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  3. fastSVT

    fastSVT New Member

    You shooting for linehaul or P&D? Each terminal is a little different, but I do know they aren't scared of working you pretty hard. If you go P&D, just go slow and take it easy. Always remember safety first, and no matter how many stops they put on you, just relax and don't let it stress you. A common theme seems to be the more work you do, the more they expect from you. I believe in doing an honest day's work...just don't go out there and try to be superman and hurt yourself or someone else.
  4. Lager

    Lager Member

    Any Terminals in or near Columbus Georgia? Union or non?
  5. robo33

    robo33 Member

    yes terminal in columbus,dont know address,but u can look it up on -non-good luck
  6. backstrap

    backstrap Member

    please dont get hurt or dent one of there trucks,cause know matter how or why it
    happens it will be your fault and you will be looking for another job.
  7. dsmit50

    dsmit50 Member

    I disagree. I've tore up my share of stuff and still have a job. Don't lie and/or try to cover up anything.
  8. Steve 242-653

    Steve 242-653 New Member

    I notice SEFL is building new terminals and has decent-looking equipment...they must be doing something right.
  9. Steve 242-653

    Steve 242-653 New Member

    Questions about road drivers at SEFL: 1) Assigned equipment? Permanently or "keep it for the entire trip"? 2) Does a driver have to specify fast turn, slow turn, or system assignment at time of hire? Can drivers choose between the three and if so, how often? Is mileage rate set or variable, as in "based on experience" or "time with company"? Thank you in advance to whomever can answer.
  10. robo33

    robo33 Member

    steve,yes u should get assigned a tractor for entire bid (6 months),once u get hired u must see whats available at that tm and choose, mileage rate is set .56 ,good luck
  11. robo33

    robo33 Member

    Nat tm gone

    rumor has it he is no longer with the sefl
  12. TheBigCheese

    TheBigCheese New Member

    They will work the pants off you

    FLYINGBY Member

    Man If I move back south I will look you up, I sure as hell wont go to Estes. At least you guys have a word Seniority and use it.

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