How slow is ABF?

Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by canaryinthemine, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    The terminal I used to work at before retirement has lost it's one UE run. I am told the National Utility Review Committee approved cancelling 16 runs total here in the Ohio/Penna/Va/W.NY. area. From what I understand, all these runs were in excess of 500 miles or thereabouts. The one we had was converted to a 5/8 bid from a 4/10 bid, thereby greatly increasing operating costs without substantially adding revenue.

    As I was still the steward when ABF converted these runs, I had argued that the safety of the employees involved was going to be at risk adding a fifth day to the run. I was told that there would be no more dock work for the UE guy, and he would be waiting a minimal amount of turnaround,......all just to insure he had just barely enough hours to do five days. So I said you are pretty much turning this into a road run,.......which ruffled company feathers because of my terming this a "road run"......

    Apparently, that is how they are going to replace the UE runs,.........with road power.

    Apparently, having a dedicated UE run didn't achieve company goals.

    Now, there a distinct turndown of freight? Have we lost freight volumes? Or....have they determined that throwing massive amounts of overtime......forced overtime, in my opinion, a dollar an hour premium above top wage is just as "expensive" as road power?
  2. Boilerpeddle

    Boilerpeddle Drawing found in trailer

    Our bill count is way down even at the end of the month. Has a lot of guys worried. But I'm thinking its at least in part on purpose due to upcoming negotiations. Even if only because of the new pricing procedure that they decided to roll out just now.
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  3. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    Another "rumor" I heard is that all sales staff are no longer ABF employees,....they are now ArcBest employees. If this is true, I wonder if that has anything to do with bill count?

    And,....I'm sure upcoming negotiations, always,.........are factoring into the "slow" time...........
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  4. ragpicker

    ragpicker New Member

    I thought when Mike Moss left that maybe the u.e runs would go back to 4/10s I still do not know why u.e runs are running on a friday night. Everyone is pushing 60 hrs a week on the 5 day bids,even on the shorter runs. So now that it is slow the solution is to cancel them altogether rather than just eliminate the friday night
  5. SAC75

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    It is just as expensive to run UE. 60 hours at lets just call it an even $25 an hour is $1750 gross. No dock work also adds an extra guy or more hours so there is no saving on manpower. A turn road guy has to give an hour on a run at the furthest point so it might end up being cheaper in the long run to keep it road.
  6. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member

    Those UE runs were...interesting, but they did the offer to let road drivers go UE without loss of seniority shortly before I got hired. Hell, that may have been why I was hired. To replace the drivers who went UE.

    I was upset that I'd missed that opportunity, but now I'm glad I didn't get involved in that mess. Nobody works less than every waking moment of their life at ABF.
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  7. ltl1

    ltl1 Active Member

    You have a lot to say about ABF. I work 48 hours every week because I want to, have to speak up if you want respect in this business YES man. Now go put on your brown socks and run around like a chicken with his head wacked off for MR UPS.
  8. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member


    Well, if you need to know my story, I was an employee at ABF for five years, before the lifestyle became more than I could deal with. I have moved on, not that I'm rubbing that in anyone's face, and I'm still pulling for you guys hard. I really hope you guys work your issues out with the company.

    I...don't really understand the animosity?
  9. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    I don't either. We are all Teamsters, presumably working for a common goal.

    The guy we had running the 5/8 UE run was a special sort. Without going into his personal stuff,.....he was content to spend 60 hours a week in the truck. Other guys at our terminal, fact, most guys,....were not.

    I had an open-ended argument with management concerning "mandatory" overtime.
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  10. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that was my main issue with linehaul at 034. 60 hours minimum or 6 tours before you got 48 whole hours (not two days) off, and if ANYTHING broke that tour count (you needed to push back due to a doctor's appointment), it reset your tour count.

    I'm a hard worker, but that's...insanity.
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  11. SAC75

    SAC75 Well-Known Member

    I think someone was feeding you a load of crap. A sick day counts as a work day. 6 tours should get you 56 hours. 48 + 8.
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  12. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member

    Uhhh... I'm sorry, but... I'm 99% sure that a sick day reset your tour count at 034. If I'm wrong, then so be it. Good on ya. But... seriously? There are some Draconian work rules that exist nowhere else in the company at 034.
  13. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    We had a lot of road guys out of 034 go through our terminal,......and we did hear of some muttering going on there.
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  14. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member

    If we ever met, I was surely a mumbler.
  15. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    Greensburg-310? I was the wild-haired old opinionated gadfly,......I was the one who "sponsored" the "art" gallery in the Men's room........If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about,......and if you know what I'm talking about, then you know that I have one of the ......weirdest,.....senses of humor probably this side of Groucho Marx...........or Curly of the Three Stooges.......or Attilla the Hun........

    I probably was the one that switched out your tractor while the other guys insisted that you drop it out for yourself before they did any work......Being steward, I had this funny idea that ALL the work to be done in our yard should be done by OUR employees, don't give nothing away, in spite of what the contract was changed to......

    So you can see I wasn't very popular, nor was I quiet about my opinions,.........My sartorial splendour could've probably used some work, too.

    Do you recognize me?
  16. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member

    I never quite made it that far east. Sure did find myself in Salt Lake City a couple times, though.

    ...much to my chagrin.

    And yes. We do not ever give work away. If you can be replaced, you will be.
  17. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    At 050 Indy, the only time a road driver did yard work is if the terminal was closed. Get out walk in to the drivers room & punch the clock. That is all the road drivers are allowed to do when we are open. All we ever asked was for them to back in to the pin & set the brakes. Most of the time they did. von.
  18. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member

    I made a lot of money at 050. Sometimes I'd wanted out of there sooner, but my check never complained.
  19. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    We had a few guys take the new language in the last contract to mean that they would sit and drink coffee until the incoming road driver had reported to them that he had dropped his tractor and had moved it out of their way.

    New drivers, guys unfamiliar to their interpretation, guys they didn't like...........were all subject to their verbal abuse and "defense" of the new contract language.

    When I came in in the morning, I always held my breath, because these guys were sure to tell me of some new "outrage" committed by a road driver.

    I tried to tell them these guys are your fellow Teamsters, and to try to work with them to avoid problems,.....but it was deaf ears time.........

    The problem came to a head one night,..........and I won't go into specifics, mainly because the person involved should be embarrassed by his childish actions,............but both the B.A. and I had to do some fast talking to keep his job intact,......and part of that was me writing a letter to the road steward in Chicago apologizing for that guy's actions and vowing it would never happen again........

    Good Grief! Teamsters fighting Teamsters...........................and guess who sits back and laughs at us?
  20. gravytrain1

    gravytrain1 Member

    Were busy in the southeast. it depends on how much purchased transportation ABF puts in the lanes. When road drivers are not working , they will back off for a short time. Than when Drivers are working , ABF will increase them to a point the road drivers sit home. RED Circle must go!
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