I-10 Shut down...homes evacuated...going on 14 hrs...many more hours anticipated

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    Here are the links to this incident:

    This first one has 13 minutes of coverage talking to DPS.
    Accident Shuts Down I-10 In Both Directions - SETXHomePage.com

    Wreck, hazardous chemical spill close Interstate 10 near Hamshire | www.beaumontenterprise.com - Local

    Haz-mat spill prompts evacuation | hamshire, davis, evacuated - Local News -

    I-10 shutdown; evacuation following 18-wheeler accident - 12 News KBMT and K-JAC. News, Weather and Sports for SE Texas

    Most recent word is that as of 5 p.m., the offloading will begin in about an hour...they do not anticipate completing the full process of up-righting the truck and further offloading for up to 16 more hours.

    These reports say the driver had a leg injury, which he did, but he also had some pretty nasty cuts to his hands and head that had to be stitched.

    I can tell you that when the sun came up this morning, the sudden view of that vapor cloud hanging over that tanker made everyone pick up and move waaaay back!

    So if ya'll have loads you're needing to move from Louisiana through to Houston by tomorrow (Monday) or maybe even Tuesday...don't plan on I-10 west of Beaumont unless you are in no hurry!

    I found another link with aerial footage of the scene that clearly shows the leaking material.


    And yes, the interstate is still shut down as of 8 p.m.

    Drive safe out there ya'll!

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    Thanks for your post TrnDancer.
    Very well done,with all of the news links provided,this crash scene was well covered.
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    This kind of thing is why the stretch of I-10 between Houston and Baton Rouge is referred to as the "Highway of Death" There is ALWAYS some incident or another on this stretch of Highwway. And let LSU be playing at home just watch out. It is 50 times worse.
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    This just in:


    Department of Pubic Safety Trooper Stephanie Davis says the agency believes I-10 will be closed until at least noon Monday. Please plan to take alternate routes if you are traveling east or west on I-10 between Houston and Winnie.
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    Monday afternoon:

    I-10 still shut down from FM 365 to SH 73.
    Residents of the evacuated subdivision allowed to return home.
    Only 7% of the chemical was off-loaded so flaring started. Thunderstorms held up progress several times during the day due to lightening...1,800 gallons said to be left in the tank. They're saying MAYBE Wednesday?
    Let's not even talk about the routing of traffic except for this: if people would go where they were directed instead of deciding to make their own routes, things would be moving a LOT smoother!


    Several items here:

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    Driver stated:
    He told authorities that he was trying to pass the pickup truck pulling the racing car, and he thought an oncoming car was heading towards him. He swerved and struck the pickup.

    At 0330 hrs, a car heading towards one can well be confused with cars heading in the opposing direction (especially during a Storm) and not actually heading towards a driver in the same lane. Parts of I-10 from LA/TX line to Houston give such appearance and WHY it's such a dangerous stretch of Highway and during the widening construction (when i travelled it), it appeared worse.

    It sucks that he was injured in the capacity he was however he'll probably now have some time off to heal and I hope his passenger wasn't critically or otherwise severely injured.
    I hope he's again able to Drive.
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    The stories keep telling the detourees to go to Hwy 61 to Devers on Hwy 90. The best solution if you are going from Houston to La. or vice versa is to run Hwy 73 from Winnie (exit 828) east. Follow this though Bridge City and turn left. Takes you to I-10 at the 873 beside the Pilot. Reverse if going westbound.

    The detour is actually a better road than I-10, a lot smoother and it will cost you at most 5 minutes unless the one train track catches you.
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    Actually the 90 to 61 route is for west-bound out of Beaumont - OR people can stay on 90 into Houston. East bound they are instructed to take 73 through Bridge City. But no matter WHAT you do, there are those who are going to complain about the inconvenience.
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    I've run all of them. I used to run 73 all the time both ways when I-10 Vidor to Orange was under construction. It's actually a much more peaceful road.

    Plus, if you are west bound out of Bridge City, you get to drive over the most narrow and tall bridge in this part of the country. How scenic!
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