I-35 Traveler Information between Hillsboro and Salado

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    There are new traveler information alerts available at http://my35.org/central/notifications.htm

    Travel Notifications
    We've developed several travel notification tools to help you plan your travel within the Hillsboro through Salado area. Please take a minute to review the differences between the email, twitter and text message notifications - then choose the one(s) that meet your needs and work best for you!

    Notification details include closures involving mainlanes, frontage roads, ramps, and cross streets along I-35, as well as unexpected incidents (e.g., a wreck, an emergency lane closure, etc.) that may delay travel.

    [​IMG] Email (Planned Lane Closures, Incident Alerts)

    • Four options within to stay informed about closures and travel conditions on I-35
    [​IMG] Twitter (Travel Times, Planned Lane Closures, Incident Alerts)

    • Four different feeds within to help you stay informed about travel conditions on I-35
    [​IMG]Text Messages (Incident Alerts)

    • Eight options are available for you to choose how you want to stay informed about incident conditions on I-35.

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