I have always wondered why SAIA stock has

Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by 6PakAbs, Aug 6, 2016.

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    Aggravating, isn't it? We are our own worst enemies. We are trained since grade school to "tattle" on others,......yet schools are barred from teaching about the might of solidarity and Unionism and First Amendment rights.

    Nowadays, the rule is "cut your own deal" ........even...( especially ) .....at the expense of your fellow workers.......

    In spite of the fact that we are supposedly a "Christian" nation.........no one worries about the morality/ dishonesty of tattling on your co-workers.

    Maybe that's why businesses are lobbying so hard to remove religion from both schools and workplaces........ someone might stumble across a platitude or two that might cause embarrassment and contrition......

    Good Lord! Where would the business community be if people had scruples and honest standards? Where would Wall Street be?

    Remember today's business Maxim:
    "Require honesty and loyalty from the bottom of a company on up.........and give them neither from the top down."

    That's where you can get CEO's lying to the rank-and-file about "buyouts" in the middle of contract negotiations........
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    If you want to compare market value for companies look at the "market cap" (market capitalization).
    Stock price is the market cap divided by "outstanding shares", which is the amount of shares held by the public and company insiders.
    The amount of shares differs from company to company and can be changed by at will. They can split shares or even introduce more into the pool, whichwill dilute the stock price. But market cap stays unchanged.
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    90 million dollar profit in 2015...is not alot ?...lol
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    Like ol Slick Willy said, Guess it depends on what your definition of the word 'is' is...
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