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Discussion in 'Con-Way Truckload' started by Sharky Jr, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Hi all

    I really need a favor of any of you CWTL drivers that pull into the Joplin terminal and have a little bit of time, or even have a little time while you are on the road.

    I am wanting to make a diecast CWTL Freightliner Cascadia, I am going to get a white truck, and have some decals that much, but I have no way of getting to a truck to get pictures of all the sides. I was hoping that maybe one of you Cascadia drivers could take some pictures of all sides of your clean truck, front, pass. side, driver side, and rear, and the Wabash HD trailer. This would really help me a lot if you could do this, I would ask for the ProStar, but there aren't enough ProStars out there. lol.

    Thank you for anyone who can do this for me, I would really, really appreciate it. If it helps, here is the truck that I am going to decal up

    http://3000toys.com/catalog/item_detail ... d=DCP32177
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    I know these guys over here at Con-Way can't get it up so Fedex Freight will once again come to the rescue. Go get'em Rat TP

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