Idaho - Sawdust truck fire ignites forest land

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    NEW MEADOWS - A truck loaded with saw dust went of the road and ignited a fire Saturday morning.

    Crews from the BLM and Salmon Rural Fire District spent several hours working to extinguish the flames along highway 95 in Idaho County, north of New Meadows.

    The MF Carrier 18-wheeler truck skidded off the road and on to private property. The fire did spread to nearby forest land, but crews kept it contained to a small area.

    The sawdust caused the fire to burn slowly, and put off heavy amounts of smoke that could be seen from the road. Crews had to shut down the highway for several hours, but traffic began flowing just after 2pm, according to Idaho Cunty.

    The cause of the crash is under investigation. It is unknown if there are any injuries.


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