important news regarding delay pay at estes express lines

Discussion in 'Estes Express Lines' started by roadmann, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. roadmann

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    there is a class action lawsuit going on as we speak in regards to delay pay.on duty without compensation!sound familiar?there is a thread started on the upsf forum titled attorneys at s. holland.the same lawyers who are repesenting the drivers for upsf have been contacted by some estes drivers up in no. cali.drivers may have a chance to collect delay pay and receive back pay for all of their delays.

    SMOKESTACK Administrator Staff Member

    Go get them boys !
  3. TruckN4Jesus

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    you have a link, or was this also written on a bathroom stall? or come across the truckers news channel 19?
  4. Matt

    Matt Supah truckah

    well instead of makin foolish statements i will say that this one will be diffucult because what will happen to the otr guys??? untill the industry as a whole changes this will probally get shot down. also truck driving is classifed as a unskilled labor, so with that we dont have a real leg to stand on. maybe that would be a start...........beerboy drunk and passed out
  5. teamster elvis

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    Why are you so quick to dismiss a post as so much tabloid fodder? Do you think it might be a possibility that UPS might be making an attempt to correct some grey area violations of labor laws? That, just maybe, Estes might be guilty of some of this same behavior? If you are line drivers, than you should be elated about this news. No one feels good about sitting around for free, while the dock loads their trailers. PERIOD. As our favorite poster would have us believe. No one feels good about sitting at a meet and turn for hours of unpaid time. PERIOD. At the shop, on layovers, tied up at the scales, on breakdowns etc. etc. etc.!!! ALL FOR NO COMPENSATION?????? All of this bickering over nothing is useless. It is non productive. But this particular issue is very important to you all. To the industry as a whole. The east and the south are not big fans of the west coast. Ca. in particular. But the fact of the matter is trends, precedence etc. are conceived here and spread like wildfire. I and some others have been accused of trying to bring down Estes. All we are trying to do is inform our brother trucker as to the issues that involve them. And if yrc,upsf,abf, fed ex etc. see to it, that ALL of their employees are compensated for ALL of their time on duty, then by god estes and other companies like them should pay, or be forced to pay these monies. Elvis out and continuing his quest.....
  6. teamster elvis

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    UPS is going to do the right thing here. They will correct the mistakes that overnite made. And I predict the industry will change as a whole. But some who have sat back in their safe zone, and sided with their employers, while the real men fight the battles, don't deserve what is coming their way. Beerboy you really need to evaluate your self esteem. I have never heard or read anyone refer to truck driving as an unskilled labor. You have picked a profession that is in demand right now. This is a skilled labor sir. It should be payed as such. Driving over 100,000 miles a year, without any accidents or tickets, year after year involves tremendous skill. Quit feeling like you are an unskilled laborer who should feel lucky he isn't digging ditches. Elvis out and tiring.......
  7. Matt

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    it is what the government has classifed trucking as not me . i agree that it is very much a skill....... our law makers dont:smilie_132:
  8. TruckN4Jesus

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    just wanted to know where he heard it from, like a news link, etc. no need to throw in your 2 cents lil T, you have the link? I would love to read it.
  9. HillBilly Frog

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  10. TruckN4Jesus

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    thank you frog
  11. WOW if Estes started paying for down time, some of us would get rich!!!!
  12. Dirtball

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    Actually what it should do is make them take a second look at the reasons why there is so much delay or down time. I worked for a company that went thru that and yes it cost them money at first but they woke up and bettered their system.
  13. Estands4evil

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    I couldn't agree more with Elvis on this, for anyone to say that truck driving is an unskilled labor is just plain wrong. Whats really odd to me is that there being such a shortage of drivers in the industry, is that there shouldn't be 1 under compensated driver let alone millions. When are companies in this industry going to realize that if they made it worth a person's while to want to drive a truck, they would come running.
  14. stldude44

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    Companies don't care if drivers come running unless they'll come running for less money and benefits. It's the corporate America way. Less wages and benefits=more profit....that's ALL they care about.
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  15. jyd9

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    somebody please tell me why we shouldn't be paid for waiting on our loads, the dock and no one else at estes does anything for free, i think its past time for us to get paid
  16. TruckN4Jesus

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    In a perfect world we shouldnt, but outbound crews lag sometimes, loads close late, pick ups come in late, sets are not hooked, it is all from poor planning off the dock. If the dock has their crap together then we should never have to wait, but you know as I do in the business we are all in it does not happen that way all the time.
  17. Matt

    Matt Supah truckah

    well getting out on time never happens right now. i love for just my set not hooked. hell i'll hook and get paid. the driver shortage evryone talkes about will be resolved by our brown brothers down south..:hide:
  18. MTHelmet

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    Unfortunately, you're right. Fed Gov does classify a truck driver as non-skilled and this has been a joke ever since the inception.

    Kinda makes you wonder.......let's give the illegals all benefits and entitlements while us 100,000 mile a year drivers remain unskilled and unpaid for duties performed.
  19. MTHelmet

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    RIGHT ON!!!!

    Hey Elvis - You Out There????

    Isn't this EXACTLY what we started posting here about? Giving our opinions on how to better the system so we wouldn't have all these problems with delays?

    Wow, what a concept...Estes betters themselves, keeps good employees, prospers and earns respect for their position in the industry.:TR10driving03:Ooooppsss. Just woke up. What a dream I just had.
  20. MTHelmet

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    Puede usted decir "programa mexicano de la VISA del conductor del carro del visitante".

    (Can you say "Mexican Visitor Truck Driver VISA Program".)
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