In Memory of L. S. Campbell

Discussion in 'Consolidated Freightways' started by SoapinTrucker, Nov 1, 2006.

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    My Dad drove for CF Motorfreight for 29 years, had to retire early due to health, in Phoenix AZ.

    When he died in 2001, NO ONE sent any condolences or flowers from the "Union" or the corp! His "pension" was fixed at $1,800 per month. What a way to go.

    He was a VERY proud CF and Union driver.

    I am his protégé, but with Con-Way Freight. I am just as proud, if not more so, but I could NEVER fill his shoes.

    God be with you L.S. Campbell, and thanks for the memories Dad!
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    I will take this opportunity to say may God give your father a special place to rest in eternity.
    As a CF family member, let me say I feel for the passing of any of our dedicated crew.
    From a Teamster brother, my most respect for the many years of service within the union.
    May god give him everlasting peace.

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