in need of new shop steward in maspeth"chime in guys

Discussion in 'New Penn' started by maspethoriginal, Mar 8, 2018.

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    "chime in guys"
    Maspeth has a off the wall steward.... with a bad attitude he doesn't know most of what he talks about... aka shakey...... always siding with company on most issues, he yells', shakes and foams at the mouth while talking to union day some one is going put him in his place.....he works a other job driving a tractor trailer after his shift at new penn.. the company don't know about it afraid the man might kill someone. doesn't get enough sleep that's why he always in a bad mood.. we have to get him body likes him at the job.. the man butts in to everyone conversation when your not addressing him and don know even what your talking about that annoying and rude
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    Is he a plant from the Hall? Or elected by the rank & file?

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