IN.,Old Dominion trucker with a set was coughing, blew a light,killing driver of SUV.

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    When I was a UPS Freight safety trainer before my retirement from trucking.
    I always instructed the newbies that when you are in front leading the pack you set the speed.

    I don't care how much those behind you are laying on the horn,or flashing their lights.
    When you are the leader you are in control.
    However if the ones ahead of you are the ones in control of the flow,setting the speed.

    You should just lay back,and drive the way you know to be the safest for you.

    It is so much faster being a safe driver traveling at a safe pace,then it is taking the time you need to fill out accident reports.
    Waiting for a wrecker,in some cases looking for another job.
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    I agree! It's also worth mentioning, for those that choose to "go with the flow", think about the ULTIMATE repercussions! Should there be an accident, and you CHOSE to work outside the box, your ass is grass! A decent lawyer will eat you alive in court, no matter what! Just because all the cars are going faster, doesn't mean a PROFESSIONAL should. Along those lines, don't forget, SPEED LIMIT SIGNS ARE POSTED FOR CARS unless specifically noted otherwise!

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