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    Information on history of Brown Transport and employees, can anyone help post?
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    I was a local driver at the Chicago terminal from it's opening to it's closing in the 80's

    They were a regional South East carrier based in Atlanta Ga. Started out in the 70's mainly hauling carpet and expanded to general freight. They over expanded with the purchase of Leaseway Express and Thurston Motor Lines and Brown truckload. They folded up in the late 80's. shortly after the purchase of Thurston.
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    They actually withdrew federal taxes out of the pay checks of the employees with Thurston and Brown employees. Then they did not pay the Government. This led to. $250 monthly payback that was more than a company that size could exist with. I had 14 years with Brown / Thurston and made a wonderful decision to go to Yellow for 24. Now retired with a pension ( glory be to God)

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