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Discussion in 'Saia' started by blast, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. blast

    blast New Member

    Will anyone tell me what to expect for my interview tomorrow at the Vernon, Ca terminal for line haul.
    Also, what is the starting pay and your pay scale? I know I will be a system driver if hired. What are the runs like? Are there more layover runs or shuttle runs? Will I work consistently?
    Your answers are greatly appreciated.
  2. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

    Californa just went to hrly for lh...dont realy no to much about it though
  3. Bastardly

    Bastardly Member

    You're hired! no really if you have made it through to the interview process that usually means that you have already made it through HR & safety so unless you blow the interview or fail the drug test you are basically hired.

    As of today the CA LineHaul goes hourly & to be honest nobody has any clue what that is going to happen. A month ago I would have said that expecting to be a system driver may not have been accurate, as LA has at least one short run that whoever is on the bottom of the board usually gets stuck on... but as of today everything changes.

    there really aren't too many laydown runs left out west, though LA may still have a Reno run & the shuttle runs may newly become appealing to the senior drivers but that is just speculation.
  4. blast

    blast New Member

    That all sounds good. But what about being out for 5 days a week. Is there a chance this will happen, also what are there dispatch times.
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  5. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

    If your a system guy...yes it will happen...again though...cali is going to be diffrent because of the hrly pay...its all only time will tell

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