Is Columbia, MO hiring?

Discussion in 'Dohrn Transfer' started by jjquarterhorse, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Anybody know if they're hiring at Columbia/Moberly, MO. I live about 5 minutes from that terminal ... they look prety busy.

    What does line haul do? Just drive? Dock work? Combination?

  2. truckermatt

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    i would look at dayton freight if you might,

    I havent heard much good about Dorhn
  3. Pup Driver

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    Look at the equipment they are using mostly twin screws with 53's with swing doors on peddle runs . Half the stops ya can't even get in so ya have to two wheel the freight to the customer off the street . Dohrn Transfer when the grandfather to this guy had it b/4 they sold to Hall was a great company all nice trucks nice working conditions all union good benefits . Not now . Take the advice of trucker matt look else where b/4 you go there . Just my thoughts but check all options b/4 you make up your mind . Talk to their drivers thats your best option . Try UPS Freight or a UPS feeder car ,thats a good job . Good Luck .

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