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Discussion in 'Dayton' started by Packerfan, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I work at FedEx Freight. Ive been there for about 10 years or so and I am thinking of going somewhere else to work. Is it any better over at Dayton?? There is too much confusion and turmoil going on over at freight and I just want to find a better place to work without the b.s.
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    well I've worked for 2 carriers,mid-states and dayton.and I hope and pray i can retire from dayton!! what a well run topnotch company ,the owners are topshelf!!!!!
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    i worked at af fed ex, was great when sheridan ran the show glad i got out of there. dayton sounds like a good place to work!
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    it all depends what you define as 'b.s.' and how much of it you are willing to put up with.I have been at Dayton over 11 years now and the culture as changed in that time, some for the better, some for the worse. The last several years we have witnessed several former AF-Fed Ex middle managers hired, then go on a 'drop-the-ax' spree on all those supervisors that at one time were in management above him at Fed-Ex, ginda like trying to 'even old scores'. One thing that also noted is the bloating of corporate personell. Yes it's true that many more regs. and rules need to followed than years ago, but it seems for every one person hired to actually handle freight (we'll call them laborers),two are hired for the office(we'll call them non-laborers).
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    Dayton is ok. Not the best or the worst. I have been a "laborer" and non-laborer in FedEx, UPS, Dayton, and Conway. I enjoyed my time at Dayton, but I was only pt and my other increased hrs, so I wasn't able to do both. It depends on what you are looking for. I almost walked off the job the first day, but when you push past the initial kick back, there is some solid loyalty in Dayton.

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