Is Saia a good company to drive for?

Discussion in 'Saia' started by double duty, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Thats my problem, I like to work. But i also like to have a life outside of this place.
  2. You only get to use the 16 hour rule if you are home the prior 7 days !! He was working out of another terminal so he doesn’t get to use the 16 hour rule!!
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    This would not happen if drivers would know the rules and stand up for themselves. It would NOT have happened to me. Hey, line drivers. You DO NOT answer to another terminals dock supervisor or TM. You answer to Central Dispatch in Duluth, GA. Stop letting these peons at these terminals walk all over you.
  4. The 16 hour rule applies to those drivers who have the same starting and ending point each tour of duty and have had their mandated 10 hour rest period.

    The instance cited was the driver was working at another terminal, not his home domicile, and was to stop enroute at another terminal and work the dock for 2 hours prior to proceeding home. He told his supervisor that he would exceed the 14 hour limit if required to do so. The starting and ending points were not the same and therefore the driver was involuntarily placed into violation by the regional manager by requiring him to exceed the 14 hour rule.
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    What about your regional manager? I'm willing to bet its not a line many will toe being in a non-union company.
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    These fine drivers here have explained why its illegal. But i gotta say, its rediculous to treat your employees this way. The CITY driver did them a favor by working at a different location, being gone all week from home and maybe his family. Then force him to work not 14 hours, but 16 hours! When he did'nt want to.

    It's telling that the information you concentrate on is the legality of such action and not how the guy was treated by our Regional Manager Chuck W.

    This is how they treat almost everybody around here. Funny thing is, we just had a quarterly meeting with Chucks boss and he did'nt have a clue why injuries and accidents were skyrocketing. :chairshot:
  7. You are so right!!! Central tells us what to do!!! If you have any questions or problems call central!! If your trailers are over weight and some terminal manager is trying to make you take them!! CALL CENTRAL!!! If you don’t get the answer you want and you think it’s a safety issue call safety!! Someone is there 24/7!!
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    Let me ask you old timers, can you call off for bad weather? Our dispatcher tells us central makes the call, is this true? Do we still get a point?
  9. First, to quote the rules is to make certain that the driver knows he has the rule of law behind him.

    Secondly, it may be time to go over Chucky's head and tell the appropriate senior management. Saia can't stand much more in the way of screwups by employees or management. Last year hit us pretty hard accident wise.

    Daddy Rick sent out a letter with an emphasis on safety. He needs to make sure his management house is in order as well.

    If someone can document all that has been alleged, it can create an uncomfortable situation for our "glorious leaders". An anonymous letter to the FMCSA or DOT that might trigger a safety audit might be just the thing to do. Maybe that is what it is gonna take to straighten things up.
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    I was'nt referencing you.
  13. A driver shouldn’t be asked to work 16 hours anyway you look at it!! His safety and the safety of everyone one around him is put in jeopardy!! Nothing happened this time but what about next time?? Would he be mentioned in the next quarterly meeting saying accidents are up?? Management is just as responsible for safety as we are!!
  14. Your'e right about that. Unless they make trucks that drive themselves after the 16th hour......nah, just fire the driver for what the regional manager said to do.

    Of course if after the 14th hour and the GSS sitting on yer trailer and you in a motel.....I'll bet Chucky W. back east has an answer for that.
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    that is a company policy. it is posted in CLT that only central can cancel a run due, but once dispatched and on the road (stuck or wrecked) it is the driver's responsibility to determine whether it is safe to continue or not.
    However, the FMSA handbook states it is up to YOU the driver to make that call. do you think the dispatcher that made you run would fess up to causing you to get in an accident?

    as for the driver being forced to run 16 hours...he should have called central as stated earlier. i've ran into going over my 14 when i was a system driver and i was specifically told if it's gonna be more than a few minutes over, to park it somwhere and i would be picked up.

    here is a question i've wondered about being picked up. if i run out of hours, am i paid for waiting to be picked up? also, does my 10 start (in the eyes of central) when i park that truck and wait to be picked up?
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    here is a question i've wondered about being picked up. if i run out of hours, am i paid for waiting to be picked up? also, does my 10 start (in the eyes of central) when i park that truck and wait to be picked up?

    thats something ive always wondered as well. me and a buddy of mine has asked that question but never got an answer. do you have to log on duty not driving if you're waiting to be picked up because you're still responsible for the truck and load?
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    Central will cancel runs. I found that out last Thursday night. They cancelled all runs out of CIN. Well, I meet a CIN driver every night, but they didn't cancel me. I got to run through to CIN. Too bad for them to leave but ok for me to go there?? No big deal, I had my clean undies with me. Enjoyed my stay at the Ramada, too. Actually got a good days rest for a change.
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    I WOULD get payed for waiting and my 10 hrs would be up when I felt rested.:1036316054:
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    Thats the problem i have right there, it should be up to the driver. Actually it is, they just word it in a way that leads people to believe they have the call.
    They can’t make you drive in bad weather or pull trailers over weight.. They can’t make you run over you 14 or 11 hours driving time!! If anything happens you are the one held responsible!! I would rather take a chance at losing my job rather than sitting in a jail cell!!

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