It seems to me Mike Hobby is full of crapola

Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by Kiddriver, Dec 8, 2008.

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    Oak Harbor spokesman Mike Hobby says that the company is negotiating in good faith, but says "unfortunately, since the strike began, we've received nothing but more demands."

    Mike Hobby What part of planning to break the union for the last 2 years is barganing in good faith? :chairshot:

    Mike Hobby What part of my dad taking a wage freeze (because the VP's said the company was not doing well) for 4 years and receiving Thirty five cents per hour at the end of that contract because the Vanderpols made tons of money during it. Thats fair barganing?:chairshot:

    Mike Hobby :butt kiss: Everything I have seen from this company(DVD's) company news letters with OR's and how well the company has been blessed. AND THEN.... Shafting the hardworking teamsters that built this company. You would'nt know fair barganing if you Pooped it out of your A$$. The teamsters have been bending over backwards to help this company grow for 92 years. What about when to workers opted out of Master Freight Agreement to help the company grow. My dad has done nothing but Give Give Give! TEAMSTERS ARE DOING MORE THAN FAIR BARGANING!
    The Kidd
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    I hate to say it "kidd" but I really think you are a fake, I keep getting visions of some 40+ teamster who thinks he is fooling someone. I am on your side, but for F^$ks sake man spare me the BS. You make us all look a little stupider then the rest of the world already assumes we are. I honestly don't buy it, and that's just me telling it how it is. This sh*% has to come from heart, and you will never have heart as some poorly disguised alter ego.

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