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    Hi guys,
    Wanted to say that I am happy to be back and glad to be back. I know this side of this forum doesn't get much traffic and I know there's only a small handful of us on here compared to the Conway, YRC and FedEx boards and I don't know if any of those guys make there way down here to much I make my way up there to see what there up to at Conway and the others. However I know we do have a pretty good group of food haulers on here even though were kind of small and it's a shame that we don't see our leader Grocery Thrower that much anymore, but such is life, people have lives and they move on or find other interests it's what happens.

    However for me it's a different story and around the year 2009 I started writing. I don't know what happened, but for years I read this forum and other blogs back when blogging was popular and even started writing blogs around 2006ish when I was in high school. You know what they say about blogging don't you:
    Blogging Never Before Have So Many With So Little To Say Said So Much To So Few hahaha pretty funny eh?

    When I started blogging it was on blogger and I had a blog about my adventures working as a caddie at a country club and I was one of the regular commenters on a blog that was run by a cab driver from Washington DC. Which at the time was a pretty cool blog, because I learned a lot about the taxi cab industry in Washington DC how it worked how it was regulated. Now see that was back in 2006 before Uber and Lyft and other TNC's back when cab medallions in New York City were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now cab medallions aren't worth the tin there made out of. I'm not to hip on the cab industry anymore I think Uber and Lyft have pretty much ran them out of business. Well the cab industry had a good 100 year run though ha-ha.

    Anyhow I stared writing and kept on doing it clearly I am not a professional or have any real college training in formal writing, but to know that you guys out there do read this even if you don't say things is worth it to me so I'll keep posting and keep the blood flowing. I like having stories to tell and enjoy telling stories it's all part of the fun.

    Like I said were a small niche group we all work for different companies it's not like the YRC board with 100 people viewing at a time talking about how the company is in deep dodo.

    Anyhow thanks for reading and have a safe week out there I'll be in touch throughout the week.
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