Jevic Asset Auctions Announced

Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by jvc107, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. jvc107

    jvc107 Member

    Taylor & Martin will be holding 4 auctions to sell off all Jevic's company owned equipment - tractors, trailers, jockey trucks, straight jobs, service trucks and forklifts.

    Atlanta - August 5th
    Chicago - August 12th
    Delanco - August 19th
    Charlotte - August 28th
  2. BuzzBeez

    BuzzBeez Extraboard Crazy

    Can anyone go or do you have to be signed up as a bidder? It would be hard to watch this, but i'm curious how much all this will bring.
  3. jvc107

    jvc107 Member

    Anyone can go, but you have to register as a bidder at least a week prior to the sale. You also need to put 15% down on anything you buy.

    JMBCMP New Member

    bUZZ bEE you can go you have my permission. I will give you auth# for G&A
    what a deal!!!!! Well, road won't be safe next week I'm line haulin for FXNL.
    If you do go see how much my old truck brings and make sure you tell the bidders the air quit working two days before they closed LOL Jim
  5. xeastend

    xeastend Active Member

    Wonder when the name will be availble??
    No thanks on the trucks.
  6. BuzzBeez

    BuzzBeez Extraboard Crazy

    Better not go. Might accidently reach up to wave at someone and end up buying all that stuff. Would like to see em go out of the gate one last time.
  7. wizzard-100

    wizzard-100 Member

    AL J2 Local

    Hey fellow orphans, here is a food for thought question. Now with the chapter 11 going on, the assets being sold etc.... the name is still intact. In theory, they (new owner) can open up again and be free of debt. Now here is the question.

    Would you go back if this ever happened??????

    Would you go if Harry got it back? (my opinion here, in a heart beat)
    Would you go if Dave G was still in charge?
    Would you go back if Dave M was running J2? (again my opinion, in a heart beat)

    again, just some food for thought.

    AL :gathering:
  8. ckowal16

    ckowal16 Member

    Just got a phone call from a reliable source. Dayton Freight has just bought the Markham terminal (J2). They are to move into there in October.
  9. jvc107

    jvc107 Member

    If true, that is surprising since they just bought a new place in Rockford.

    06/30/2008 - This new Service Center is more than twice as big as our former facility in Rockford. It has 55 dock doors — up from 25 at the previous center — and has added a number of workers to our local force, bringing the total number of employees to 40.

    Our Rockford business has grown by serving national distribution centers, as well as many retail and manufacturing outlets. The new Service Center also will serve as a hub for freight coming from other centers, saving our customers money amid skyrocketing fuel costs. This move is designed to add flexibility to our operations and, most importantly, will improve our reaction time to customers.
  10. ckowal16

    ckowal16 Member

    I was told that the Midway terminal was to shut down and move to Markham. DesPlaines will remain open and there will be a terminal in Elgin also.
  11. jvc107

    jvc107 Member

    that would be a big place for them. anybody going back to work there?
  12. longhaul

    longhaul Member

    as we all know the name Jevic is a registered trademark. Which can become another asset that they could sell seperatley.. Wonder who is going to buy it..??
  13. ckowal16

    ckowal16 Member

    That is the first thing that I said. It is not your typical cross dock. It is twice as wide as a normal ltl dock.
  14. jevic9090

    jevic9090 Member


    Is Carl Still at Midway?
  15. ckowal16

    ckowal16 Member

    I believe he is.
  16. dragonfisher

    dragonfisher Member


    Dayton wouldn't know what to do there, it's a warehouse, not a cross-dock & if Carl went there too he'd just screw it up even worse for them.
  17. xeastend

    xeastend Active Member

    I would give some serious thought.If all benefits were restored from day 1 and pay package was the same or better,probably
  18. Although I did have a great bid shuttle at Jevic, And I'm having to run the wild board now. This new job started me at higher mileage rate, and better benefits at a way lower cost. Not to mention their terminal is closer to my home. So...No way I'd leave this job.
  19. DoorMatt

    DoorMatt Member

    Not a snowball's chance in Hell.

    I'm working fewer hours and making more money at ABF than Jevic (thanks to time and half for OT), in a few days I'll become eligible for health insurance at no cost to me (that's equivalent to a 250 dollar a month raise) and I'm treated with more respect than I have ever been by both office workers and customers.

    The women in the office actually talk to the drivers and don't act like we all degenerates. When was the last time dispatch told you to take 30 minutes for lunch and THEN call in???

    I thought 62 mph trucks would kill me. Then I remembered the time and half OT. I'm a happy camper. I'm 20 minutes from my house. I don't go to NJ and I don't miss it.
  20. bonnevilleman

    bonnevilleman Member

    yes and you will have a retirement check two and it wont be your money building it

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