JEVIC Suspends Operations

Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by Jeff, May 19, 2008.

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    One has to wonder with the fuel prices as high as they are how any of them can continue... Why doesn't the government bail out the trucking industry like it has the airlines and banking industry??
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    Then why are all the other trucking compaines in business, could it be poor management................
  4. A huge part of it could be poor management. I'm also wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that Jevic has been named in a lawsuit along with several other trucking companies. Charging fuel surcharge collusion. Will it affect the other companies named?
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    I hate to see this!!! My advice is if you are under a load get it to a terminal or bring it back. They cut your insurance today, if you think you are going to get WARN pay I think you are wrong. They will say and do anything they can to wrap things up ASAP. Isn't it funny that Dave G had surgery while he was still insured and Timmy C took vacation before the end. I got screwed out of my vacation and this SOB probably will get all of his in addition to a goldend parachute
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    No doubt,I would be hauling that load back to the yard,start beating the bushes for another job,and getting any refills on prescriptions I could...
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    Let me think - Did Jevic buy out some other company or did some other company buy out Jevic? I'm sure management could very well be a problem. It seems to me that companies are always trying to come up with a cure or a bandade as opposed to doing preventativemaintenance or steps BEFORE or prior to finding themselves in trouble.

    They really aren't any different than most businesses. Most of them are always looking for a "quick fix" rather than tackle the problems or potential problems before they get out of hand.

    It's similar to their philosophies about employees. They preach that their employees are their greatest asset, but they never do much to make or keep them happy until it's too late. They then wonder why their employees aren't very happy and somewhat disappointed in the company they work for, especially those employees who have been loyal for several years.

    As for the govt., most of the lawmakers and people in higher positions are getting paid very well, don't face the same problems and challenges as the common worker, and just aren't affected as severely, so they become unappreciative or complacent of the problems that are occurring. They simply don't experience the degree of problems, are sitting fat and sassy, eat well, have no financial problems, have exceptional medical insurance, and thus see no real reason to get on the band wagon and try to do anything about the problems and the gas/fuel pressures others are experiencing. They are basically "brain dead" about the degree of importance of the problem and, hence, don't take any action to try and solve the problem(s) at hand.

    The higher fuel charges are affecting every aspect of the market and the consumers. The fuel surcharge is passed on to every commodity that is transported/shipped by the trucking industry. There really is no escape. Heck - food, building materials, toys, electronics, medicine, hazardous materials, and whatever other category are all affected by the rising charges of fuel and the increase in fuel surcharges. I agree - someone or some governing agency needs to step in and start taking some action to help EVERYONE out so we can get our country back on track and start back into the prosperous mode again.

    We sold out to the Chinese and the foreign markets a long time ago. We used to be the leading economic country, but we sure aren't any longer. We live in a throw-away society that simply discards anything that malfunctions rather than fix/repair it, which, in turn, causes more garbage and landfill space needed and also uses up more of our natural resources when continuing to manufacture more and more "replacement/new" products. We really are not a self-sufficient country any longer. We are in a sad state of affairs because everyone wants to make a bigger buck. Manufacturers do not make products to last very long. Why? Because that just means more are needed, so more can me made, more are bought, and companies get richer and the management gets fatter paychecks, and the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again.

    Yes, we, the people of the USA, need to start realizing what is happening to our country and somehow initiate a change for the better. That would help out our entire country, and then people could once again be proud to be an American and trust in the American economy once again.
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    You Jevic folks are in for a wild ride that wont be fun.

    Ive seen companies like this have Tractors their repossessed right out from under a drivers but. In the middle of a run, Take his stuff out throw it on the curb and let the driver make his own way back home. You Jevic drivers need to get that freight right back to the nearest Jevic or associated facility and collect your pay. Any benefits you may have had are going very shortly, and if you can get your cash out through cash advances ,do it.
  10. Trucking as with any business the customer pays any increase in operations cost including fuel. Same with my small business all cost are passed down. Although, before i raise any of my prices i will evaluate my small operations spending trends to see if i can tighten up elseshere before ultimately passing the increase to the end user.
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    My 2 cents.......

    Another one bites the dust, I guess.

    The sad reality here is that everybody weighing in is right!

    Why doesn't the government bail out the trucking industry?

    And, yes, the trucking industry (with exceptions, of course) is overall one of the most poorly managed industries I've seen. Trucks running without back loads: horse s**t directions and instructions from dispatchers, LTL companies with combination vehicals trying to compete with package delivery companies and the rest of it.

    And yessir! Expect to be hung out to dry when it hits the fan.
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    What other trucking companies?
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    We are over-regulated. Combine over-regulation with lax management, weak markets, and high expenses and many companies are bound to fail. I'm an Owner/Operator local dirt hauler and the number of construction projects in my area (even government jobs) are less than 1/10 what they were last year. If it continues this way, I'll be selling my own truck and finding something else I can do for money--of course I will still be self-employed because I don't believe that I'm cut out for J.O.B.'s (J.O.B.=Joint Ownership of Body).

    BTW, I didn't used to be a conspiracy theorist, but I am now. I believe that trucking is being targeted specifically to consolidate the market into a few large companies so that some of these multinational companies can then buy out the few and further their globalist agenda by consolidating power in the North American transportation industry. Doubt me? Then why were regulations torn down regarding Mexican trucks right before all this started happening? Hmmmm??
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    Very good post, excellent points. Everything you are talking about here has been covered over and over again by Lou Dobbs. I don't mean to be an ad for Dobbs, but he is one of the very few people in the media who is on top of these circumstances. People need to start paying attention, your lives depend on it.

    I assume Jevic is a victim of over-capacity. But why they went down rather than someone else has to go back to their management. I wonder if these problems were exacerbated by their once being part of the Yellow organization. Like I've said before, I don't think the cream of the business college crop goes into the trucking industry. But, frankly, I don't think there is a cream of the business college crop. The fact that George Bush got an MBA from an Ive League school is an example of that. These people are a bunch of elitists who pander to each other, they have no regard for anything but their own personal greed and well being.
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    maybe they don't pre buy their fuel like a lot of bigger companies do.
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    Another one bites the dust.Damn shame.See it doesn't just happen to Union carriers.
    Best of luck won't be easy in this economy.
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    good luck drivers, keep your chins up and keep on trucking.
  18. if anyone is running in the coverage area that Dayton Freight is in, their truckload division, Kelly transportation is looking for regional drivers. Home weekends. Check out their website.
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    I hate to even ask this but wasn't jevic also one of the lower paying companies?
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    Sorry to read this, I thought Yellow was buying them?

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