JEVIC Suspends Operations

Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by Jeff, May 19, 2008.

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    In the Jevic forum, we have been allowing inflamatory remarks, attacks, mod challenges, last name posting, web posting redirects and advertising. Off the top of my head off course. As long as things are moving in a positive direction and people are being helped, we're good. All temporarily off course. Only when needed obviously.
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    Puff thinks it is a shame what heppened to teh JEVIC Employees, all of them.

    Look at it this way.

    JEVIC was sold to Yellow for over $200 million, they screwed it up until it was eventually sold to Sun Capitol for $40 Million.

    How on earth did Yellow lose at least $160 million of the value of JEVIC???

    From what I understand Sun Capitol purchases companies in trouble and tries to "turn them around"

    I suspect Yellow had an awful lot of blame for JEVIC's demise.

    Much like Red Star, Preston, Pioneer and look at Holland's issues today..New Penn no longer operated in the 80's

    And that is Puff's view..

    Thanks for asking....
  3. turtle1621

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    Been doing some internet research on Sun Capital. One of their directors is named Leech. How fitting!!
  4. UnionTrucka

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    you are wrong in terms of NPME's O/R. we are in the high 80's. this info came from sales people and management. i aint the type to state bullsh*t info either. the problems in our regional group come from USF being somewhat mismanaged by Yellow.
  5. kevinc70

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    Yellow did not put Jevic out

    Yellow owned Jevic a long time ago, stronged armed Harry out of the company and did not work well with because of different freight concepts and trucking ideas less stops, more weight heated service and Hazmat. Jevic was then sold to saia and again did not work because Jevic wanted larger orders, heated service, and hazmat. Suncap took over and wanted money, got the company for a steal sold off trailers, real estate and just took out and never put in. they layed off, cancelled the 401k, and just sunk the company to pull a profit not caring about the 2000 employees that went with it. Harry started the same company and still surviving. Sun capital sunk many companys.!@!!!
  6. roger ingram

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    whats the deal on the web bout jevic filling chapter11 posted on web May20 .Federalcase num08-11006bls
  7. Jevic was not "Sold" to Saia. Saia and Jevic was owned by Yellow. Then Saia and Jevic was "spun" off to form SCS. We were sister companies. Neither company owned the other. Then Jevic was sold out to Sun (scum) Capitol. Then we were thoroughly raped and pillaged.

    SMOKESTACK Administrator Staff Member

    First of all read read the rules
    so you know what they are.

    Second of all the rules have been
    basically suspendeded for this
    forum , as I said this forum only.

    We need to help our Jevic drivers
    all we can. If this happens to any
    other group of drivers we will do the

  9. larry retired

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    Aye, aye SIR! The cop on the beat nails me again.
  10. tp51

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    Check out Jevic's press releases over the past year.
    September 2007 Jevic bought $10,000,000 worth of new trucks. "This is a $10 million strategic purchase for our future," said Jevic president and CEO David Gorman.
    April 2008 Jevic spent $600,000 on a new IBM mainframe and announced "long-term investments in technology and and operational realignment".
    Seems strange to me that 4-5 weeks later they have to terminate 90% of their work force with no notice because of an "unforeseeable tightening of the credit market"?
    Jevic is owned by Sun Capital, a multi-billion dollar investment company. Sun Capital couldn't cover Jevic thru this rough economy? Jevic had to file Chapter 11? They are banking on the fact that people are stupid.
    My husband is one of the Jevic J2 drivers that showed up to work Monday 5/19/08 to find out that a FedEx envelope was delivered to our home. That packet informed us he no longer had a job, that "the group health insurance plans will be discontinued effective 5/19/08 and COBRA was not an option since Jevic no longer provides any group health plan to any employee".
    What a wonderful good-bye after 14 years of service.
    Any Jevic employee that reads this, go to Company Layoffs and Shutdowns. Sign up, it can't hurt.
  11. renegade313

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    ....Jevic folks put your application in at UPSF quick...there are many older hands leaving this year...soo we will be adding on,some as time goes along...sorry to hear about the closing...the sad thing is with these high fuel costs I don`t think you will be the last...stay strong....:1036316054:
  12. tster

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    my paycheck.... bouncing... I sent jevic a "nice" email about my paycheck putting me in the negative. and about the fees that will be attached to all the overdrafts... today I went to the bank to talk my way out of those fees and what do you know....being a loyal customer for 10 years with no overdrafts out of the entire 10 years did not help me win a courtesy free overdraftsss.. I go home got an email from jevic saying that replacement checks are in the mail today..... and a $30 check added for reimbursement for the fees. I sent them an angry email... saying they better add $120 extra to that check because My overdraft fees are $150 and I did my part even though I shouldnt have on trying to get out of it!!!!! I will be soooo angry if they do not reimburse me.. It is not my fault they issued a bad check. I am not liable.
  13. TheBigR

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    Tell us the bank name and then withdraw all your funds and change banks.
  14. Vwaggs

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    tster, Be calm.

    First try their 800 number. If they still blow you off, look for a local TV station reporting heavily on the Jevic situaton or one with a "TROUBLESHOOTER" segment in the evening news. Ask them to go into your bank, cameras rolling and get that reply for the evening news!!!
  15. Vwaggs

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    Racerx dropped this line in the Very important please read thread.

    there is a meeting saturday across the street from j1 in the park at 10 am lawyers are going to be there because jevic wont release a list of employees for the lawyers to contact us about legal action
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    F.Y.I. for those of you who may have family members on exspensive medications, contact the manufacturer as they do have programs that will sometimes give you those meds for free while you're looking for a new job.
    I did this in '02 when I went through a company closing on me .

    SMOKESTACK Administrator Staff Member

    Excellent idea .:1036316054:

    I'm with you on that too Brother.
  18. I'll tell you, I'm with Bank of America. And they suspended all fees. It took about 3 days to get the funds returned to my account. I didnt have a problem this time, But A similar thing happened to me in the past.
  19. headcover

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    No Jevic paid the drivers and dock workers very well,at times the pay was above union scale but there was no o/t but there was a high hourly rate.
  20. tster

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    I started working with a really reputable trucking company, (i am in the office) I have been asked by my new employer to reach out to ex Jevic drivers that are over the road. I need at least 10 or more drivers who would like to work in the company!! It is an exciting prospect, there are about 9 ex jevic personnel that will start in office next week, with my new position it is my job to reach out and recruit Jevic drivers so that we can move on from the mess!! If you are interestd please please please send me a message!! Thank you. :)

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