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    Had to start with this:

    "My friend Lowell"

    The story I tell is true. Even I couldn't have thought up this one.

    Years ago, my oldest son was an All Star 7th grade Basketball player. He made all the travelling teams. We drove the state of Indiana from one end to the other several times a week for his games. He was taller than the other kids (now 6'7" , in his mid thirties)..and quite the outside shooter.

    One day at church, an old guy with a gray flattop and sparkling blue eyes came up to me and asked me if he could go along to my son's games with us. The old guy loved basketball. He really believed in my son- Lowell (the old guy) said he wanted to watch him develop into a star.

    Lowell was only about 5'4". He had a deep voice so low you almost couldn't understand it. But he was tough. He'd been quite a worker before he retired. Now, he had a degenerative heart. And they'd found a tumor in his brain. He refused to let them operate- he knew his heart wouldn't survive the operation. On every trip we talked long about life, and it's purpose. Finally, one night I asked Lowell how he went on in such good spirits, knowing his body's situation. He told me "I just wake up and Thank The Lord. I ask Him how I can serve him today. And then I let Him worry about it. I just go and do what I can. When it's time, I'm going home."

    My son had a pretty good AAU season. But at his small Christian Jr-High School, they only had 7 boys for the team next year. Only 3 were going to be 8th graders. 2 were to be 6th graders. One to be 5th, and one 4th. And playing aginst teams from the city that had 15 eigth graders they had no chance. Try matching a 4th grader against an 8th grader and you're soon whooped! They had lost every game that year in school- losing the last one 60-15 to the league champs. And they had no coach.

    Lowell talked to me about this. He knew I understood basketball a lot, and the kids liked me. He convinced me to make a plan, and volunteer to coach. I looked at the team, and convinced myself WE could win the championship next year!

    Our team had 3 decent players. My son could lead the league in scoring. Our small center was a terrific rebounder and had decent moves. My point guard was the problem. He had ADD syndrome. One moment he was an All-Star; the next he was sitting in the stands playing trucks with the 5 year-olds. Next we had to figure how to match 4th and 5th graders against 8th grade giants. I borrowed Larry Brown's 2 low post pick system that freed Reggie Miller for the Pacers (he used the same play for Rip Hamilton on the Pistons). My son would shoot- or pass to the center. If they drew attention and triple-teams- hopefully a 5th grader would make a layup since he'd be unguarded. I posted banners everywhere- 60-15 to remind them of last year's game against the champs; ironicly they would be our first opponent this year as well. I brought in grownups to practice against. My theory is that you improve when you play someone better than you. Grownups can vary talent as they need to against 8th graders. It seemed to work. Otherwise we had no one to practice against anyway.

    So opening night came along. Lowell was too sick to attend. He'd miss almost every game that year. We missed him badly as our inspiration.

    The first game- against the champs, we bolted to a fast start, leading 5-0. We ended the first quarter up 12-4, when my son blocked a shot clean and got called for his third foul. I had to substitute. At halftime, we were down 24-14. Respectable after last year, and we had my son coming back to play. Then our boys started fouling out. We ended the game playing the entire 4th quarter with only 2 players- a 4th grader and a 5th grader- against 5 8th graders--- everyone else had fouled out. We lost. I looked at the scoreboard as I left the floor.....60-15- the same as last year.

    That year we lost the first game by 45 points. The next one by 42. Slowly we improved. We were only losing by 15 now, and getting praises form the opposing coahes and fans. Lowell still was sicker than ever. He never left the house. He barely made it to church- a block from his house. We improved more still- losing by 5, and then three. I prayed to God to let us win one- we played our worst game of the month and were slaughtered. So I guess we were too selfish. We didn't have enough Faith.

    For our last game of the season, we were at home--- against the same league champs (again) that had spanked us in game 1. We took the floor for warmups. My son ran over to me and asked if I saw who was there? I looked up- and in the front row was Lowell! Somehow, we had to play well.

    The boys played as well as I've ever seen them play. At half-time we were winning by one point. No one was in serious foul trouble. We came out inspired for the second half. Maybe we had enough faith after all. We played fantastic. We put the champs on the ropes. It was all ours to grab. With 2 minutes left- we had them down by six. And the champs called time-out.

    Our crowd gave us a standing ovation that seemed to take hours. And all I could see was Lowell- his grin as wide as Texas- his blue eyes sparkling. I knew for once I'd already won!

    The next 2 minutes I've played over in my head ten thousand times. Maybe I hadn't coached them well enough. Maybe our kids were drained. Maybe they'd never expected to win, maybe the didn't have enough faith. Maybe the champs were just that good. They put in 5 fresh boys against our worn-out foul ridden warriors. I watched a full court press that would make Dean Smith's Tarhells proud. Slowly we lost ground, the score tightened to 3 points, ....1 point.... finally the champs took the lead with 10 seconds to go.

    I've played this next play so much in my head it's permantly etched in my brain. I still don't know just how it really happened. Everyone in the gym knew who would be taking the last shot--- my son. Dance with the one what brung ya! I knew they'd be on him- but he was our only chance. Somehow- I'm still not sure how- he caught the ball with his back to the basket and turned and got off a three-pointer with 2 kids in his face, and a third charging him. His shot was to be a microcosm of our whole season. It was high and beautiful- straight as an arrow. Everyone in the gym knew it was going in. And it did--- for a second, almost. Inside the basket, somehow it caught the rim edge and started spinning. It spun for an eternity.....................................and then fell out.

    Our winless season was over.

    Five days later, Lowell died. I had taken a team of kids to teach them basketball. Lowell came and taught them how to live.

    My son eventually transferred to public school- a small school out in farm country. His team went 22-2 and played in the State Semi-States before they were sent home without the trophy. He went to college all day, and worked to pay his own way at night. He graduated with a 3.9 in Political Science.

    One day, shooting hoops, I asked him if he remembered that game against the 8th grade champs. He shot the ball- watched it rip thru the net and grinned. "I think we'd take 'em next time!"

    Never give up!
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    For those that encounter a skunk: People will try to tell you tomato juice will wash it off; it won't. Skunk spray is a biological. Need Hydrogen Peroxide to make it go away....
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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]of course, can't be jimmy's world without my old Kook Theory.... Wrote this about 2005 or so. Some has happened, some I missed completely....

    To restart Jimmy's World again, I figure I probably should start right into the meat and potatoes; my Kooky Theory on the End Times of Revelation:

    Here's some of my kooky theory on the End Times (that aren't really the end, but the beginning of the Kingdom of God) to be:

    Rev. 1:1 This is what God showed to Jesus Christ, so that He could tell his servants what must happen soon."

    Are we to try to not take part in this? In Matthew 24:45-47 we find: "Who are the Faithful and wise servants? Who are the ones the Master will put in charge of giving the other servants their food supplies at the proper time?Servants are fortunate if their Master comes and finds them doing their job. You may be sure that a servant who is always faithful will be put in charge of everything the master owns."

    Almost everyone knows the saying from 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 that says "He will come like a thief in the night"....but people forget the rest of the verse "But you are not children of the night. Others may sleep, but we are awake and alert." Jesus said in Matt 24:25 "But I have warned you ahead of time."

    My Kook theory starts because the Bible tells us all this will happen when there is a reunited Israel. It involves the Books of Daniel, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Matthew, and Revelation. in Ezekiel 37:21 it says " I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land." In Numbers 33:35,36 it says :But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land that I give you, those remaining will become barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will give you trouble in the land where you live." In 1947 the UN was chartered and Israel re-established. The very next day they were attacked.

    In Daniel 7:4 There are nations described, those that will be dominant at the End Time. "The first was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I watched until the wings were torn off and it was lifted up and stood on two feet like a man and the heart of a man was given to it." England has a lion on her shield. The USA came out of England and goes by both the Eagle and Uncle Sam. Next the other nations described were a bear and a nation with 4 heads that seemed to have recovered from a mortal wound. Russia is easily recognizable to us as a bear. Germany had had 3 Reichs when it was killed- split down the middle. The falling of the Berlin Wall meant the recovery of Germany, and the starting of it's 4th Reich.

    In Matthew 24:34 Jesus said "I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass until all these things have happened."
    Much like Ezekiel 38 describes the same returning of Christ that Matthew 24 does and Revelation does in the 7th Trumpet. All of these have the same earthquakes, the same hailstones, the same mountains collapsing, the same trumpet sounding, the same Son-Of-Man returning in the sky. All have to occur before the return of Jesus. They are said by Jesus to occur in a generation- the Bible says a generation is 70 years plus a few. Yet the Tribulations is told to be the last 3 1/2 years of the Anti-Christ's 7 year reign in power. So I deduct they have to have started well in advance of the Anti-Christ. 98% of Scholars disagree, but I stand by my theory, based on Jesus's saying.

    Almost all of the world terrorism right now goes back to the Battle for Jerusalem. There are peace talks concerning whether or not to split Jerusalem into a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. We know they will. Revelation 11:1-3 says "Go and measure the temple of God and the alter and count the worshippers there. But exclude the outer court; do not measure it because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the Holy City for 42 months."

    In Ezekiel 38 we are told the names of the nations that will invade Israel at the Battle of Armageddon. They will be led by the Russians with Turkey (Mescah and Tubal) with help from Iran, Sudan, Libya, and the Ukraine (Pershia, Cush, Put and Togarmah). The UN always sends a main army with smaller support- as the US and it's Allies have done in Kuwait and Iraq. They will cross the dried up Euphrates (Iraq and Turkey. Turkey has a huge dam accross the Euphrates, and a electric co-op with Russia.

    In the End, Israel will be shielded from the Tribulations by the wing of the Eagle. Note that when the other Beasts come together to form the One World Beast of Revelation, the Eagle isn't among them anymore. No reason is given. But we're still here- defending Israel.
    If I am right that the Horsemen started in 1933-35, and the last generation is 70 years plus a few, I see us as almost there. So let's look at the Trumpets.

    The first one I can't explain.

    The 2nd is about a war where 1/3 of the ships sink. WWII had 110,000 ships in it (supposedly- I got that figure off End Time ministries. I can't prove it or disprove it.) Supposedly 36,000 sank. Sounds plausable.

    The third tells of (Rev 8:10,11) "A great star, blazing like a torch fell on a third of the rivers- the name of the star is Wormwood. One third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the bitter waters." Chernobyl means Wormwood (a flower-, I think)in Ukranian.

    The 4th- I can't explainE

    the 5th. A locust attack, with human faces, and the sound of their wings was like horses charging into battle. Led by the Destroyer. The Destroyer would bring fire and smoke from the ground and block the sun and the moon for 5 months. This describes the first Gulf War to a tee. Saddam supposedly means the Destroyer, a name given to him for his difficult childbirth. It was a helicopter war, and Saddam set the oilfields on fire leaving Kuwait.

    Revelation 9/11 says their leader was The Destroyer. Note the number. 9/12 says there are two more woes to come, and 9/14 says God will release the angels stored at the Euphrates River to kill 1/3 of man. The Euphrates is in Iraq. The "Kings of the East" from Euphrates could be Iran, or China.

    Which brings us to #6. An Army from the East of 200 million will start a war that kills 1/3 of man. With serpantlike weapons that kill with their heads. I believe we're in between 5 and 6 now. Only something this horrible can take away the "One nation, under God" that blocks the Anti-Christ from claiming power. With us hurting from such a war, power could shift to Europe and the UN. All weapons would be surrendered. A Great Peace Covenant would occur. And the rest, as they say, is history. Bill Clinton sold nuclear missle technology to China. China is friends with Iran. Both have reasons to get into a nuclear war with the US.

    We could possibly have entered into the Confirmation of the Covenant on Sept. 20, 2005 in a meeting in the UN over the borders of Israel, a Palestinain State, and who controls the Temple Mount. "The Roadmap for Peace",, proposed by Bush43, a supposed Christian man, brings on the Confirmation, or Peace Treaty that brings the Anti-Christ to power. Ironic, isn't it? And the Real ID act, or new Federal ID, uses microchip technology to enforce that you must take the ID or you cannot buy, sell, board a plane, hold a job, or have a bank account. That takes effect in 3 years, possibly thru Radio Frequency ID-- possiblty half-way thru the 7 years after the agreement, or at the start of the Tribulations.

    # 7 is the return of Christ at the Battle of Armageddon. Only He can save us from the Tribualtions then.

    So, here are some important things to consider: First, since everyone seems to think China is so powerful right now-- how come it isn't mentioned when the Beasts of Daniel come together to form the Beast of Revelation? (I think it's gone-- they attack us, and we nuke Asia off the map. The world of Revelation seems to only include Europe and the Middle East Region. That means (second) the US is probably uninhabitable as well. But we still are there defending Israel. We have subs around the world, and troops around the world. and missles in space. We can defend Israel without our country physically being here.)

    Third: Why do I think the Catholics are Mystery Babylon? Revelation says her leaders wear red/purple. She sits on all nations, but her headquarters sits on 7 hills (Rome). She's the most powerful. and the "Mother of all Harlots, or false churches. In the Bible, when a church is described, it's called a woman. Ex: When Jesus meets His Bride in the air-- it's His people, or church. Jesus said "no one comes to the Father, except thru me." He didn't say go thru a priest to be forgiven-- only Jesus forgives. He didn't say to pray to a Saint, or a Pope-- he said "Come to Me." Revelation describes the Spanish Inquistion, and popes giving credence to European Leaders, such as Charlemange being crowned by Pope Leo. That's why I see them as the False Prophet, not the Anti-Christ, or the Beast. There's more, but that's a start, anyway....
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    Good friend sent me this a couple years ago: World's smallest v12 diesel engine

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    My Dad found this 1934 in a barn, all rusted out. There was a 1927 with it. Both were so rusted out, you could literally blow the metal apart. He took everybolt apart, found or made parts, and restored the whole thing. Took 3 1/2 years to do. When he died, this truck followed the hearse in the funeral parade...
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    His success from the 34 in his mind, he found this 1942 in an orchard, with an apple tree grown up thru the cab. It was in worse shape than the 34. Another 3 1/2 year project....
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    "Some have been visited by Angels without knowing it"

    One day, long ago,while I worked the evening Truck-yard at Preston, a girl drove into the terminal. Off the interstate, past CF's Terminal, past McDonald's, past three other businesses. Past two other guys working in the yard. Straight at me.

    She told me that she'd run away from her abusing husband. She had a small baby with her. She needed money for food for the baby. I had three dollars in my pocket. I gave her two, selfishly saving one for cokes for two days @ 50 cents a piece then) (why didn't I give her all three? Doesn't Jesus tell us to give all that we have and follow Him?) I told her I'd go in and get my Pastor's phone #, and the phone # of the brand new Hope House, a place for those who have fallen on hard times. She said she was going to go get the baby some milk at McDonald's and would return.

    I went inside to look up the numbers. I was intercepted by the Union Steward. It was my time to bid my job for the next 6 months. I got the Lafayette Peddle Run, which I had wanted for a long time. Plenty of OT, a Chance to work days, a chance to see my kids before School; a chance to actually have a family life with my Wife! I called her and we talked with excitement about the new bid......

    I walked outside, and it struck me like a truck. I had failed. I hadn't looked up the phone #s; I had greedily gotten absorbed in my good fortune, and forgotten about the upset girl.

    She never returned. I have no idea what happened to her. I only knew I had failed her, failed God, failed myself. Why had she been absolutely directed at Me, and Me alone???????

    One night, a year later, two kids broke down at the end of my driveway. They had been driving on an uncharging battery. They wanted to know if I could jumpstart them. I put them in the car, drove to Indy, and bought them a battery. I drove them back, and installed it for them. It was charging, so it wasn't their alternator. They said they would return to pay me someday. I told them not to-- that I already owed them, even tho they didn't know it. That the next time they see a kid broken down, help them. It just may be my kids they help........There was no way I was going to fail a second time.....

    "Some are vistied by angels, without knowing it." It's nice to know we get second chances.....
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    No idea why this posted sideways? Anyway, I often speak of the Baby Giant. This is he; all 6'9"/ 350 lbs of him....
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    I wrote this thinking of my oldest's graduation....

    It's graduation time. One I remember stuck with me. My oldest son's. (I talked about him, and his basketball experiences in post #2, above).

    His class had quite a pair of top students, one the Valedictorian, the other the Salutatorian. The Valedictorian was absolutely outgoing. He always had a smile on his face. He was a confident Christian-- telling everyone he knew how he knew God. He was the HAPPIEST kid I ever saw.

    His junior year, he was diagnosed with incurable brain-cancer. He was determined to show the world he was still the fine example of a Happy Christian. He (and his now bald head from the chemo, before they determined they couldn't help him) became a kind of good-luck mascot for the basketball team that year while they went 22-2, and on to the State Playoffs. Ben knew he was dying, but planned out his own funeral ceremony. He visited people and told them of his faith. And that he was going Home to be with The Lord. Eventually, yes, Ben died.

    How did the class handle it at Graduation? They left the Valedictorian's chair open. They draped it with his cap and gown. They placed his diploma on his seat, covered by a bouquet of roses. They showed a slide show of his life. They remembered him in prayer to the audience.

    So who gave the speech? How does the Salutatorian fit into this? There was a problem. The next guy can't speak in public. To say three words meant he'd stutter for five minutes. He is terrifically smart, but simply clams up under the pressure. But he said he'd handle it.

    The Salutatorian walked to the podium. He gave his title of his speech, stuttering it out. "We see miracles all the time, but don't recognize them". Then, he turned his back on the audience, and laid down on the floor, staring at the ceiling. "I can do all things thru He who gives me strength." (From Phillipians, in the Bible). "I bet you never saw anyone give a speech like this before." All this without stuttering a word. He spoke of the miracles of succeeding for 10 minutes, hardly stuttering at all. He was amazing! Inspiring! Everything you could ever ask for!

    When he was finished, there was a standing ovation. And not a dry eye in the house.......
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    [​IMG]A VERY Dear friend sent me this in an email: I never laughed so hard in my Life!!!!!!


    My husband and I had been happily
    married (most of the time)
    for five years
    but hadn't been blessed with a baby.

    I decided to do some serious
    praying and promised God
    that if he would give us a child,
    I would be a perfect mother,
    love it with all my heart
    and raise it with His word
    as my guide.

    God answered my prayers
    and blessed us with a son.

    The next year God blessed us
    with another son.

    The following year,
    He blessed us with
    yet another son.

    The year after that we
    were blessed with a daughter.

    My husband thought we'd
    been blessed right into poverty.
    We now had four children,
    and the oldest was only
    four years old.

    I learned never to ask God
    for anything unless I meant it
    As a minister once told me,
    "If you pra y for rain,
    make sure you carry an umbrella."

    I began reading a few verses
    of the Bible to the children
    each day as they lay in their cribs.

    I was off to a good start.
    God had entrusted me
    with four children and
    I didn't want to disappoint Him.

    I tried to be patient the day
    the children smashed
    two dozen eggs on
    the kitchen floor searching
    for baby chicks.

    I tried to be understanding...

    when they started a hotel for
    homeless frogs in the spare bedroom, although it took me nearly two hours
    to catch all twenty-three frogs.

    When my daughter poured
    ketchup all over herself and
    rolled up in a blanket to see
    how it felt to be a hot dog,
    I tried to see the humor
    rather than the mess.

    In spite of changing over
    twenty-five thousand diapers,
    never eating a hot meal
    and never sleeping for more
    than thirty minutes at a time,
    I still thank God daily for my children.

    While I couldn't keep my promise
    to be a perfect mother -
    I didn't even come close...
    I did keep my promise
    to raise them in the Word of God.

    I knew I was missing the mark
    just a little when I told
    my daughter we were going
    to church to worship God,
    and she wanted to bring
    a bar of soap along to
    "wash up" Jesus, too.

    Something was lost
    in the translation when
    I explained that
    God gave us everlasting life,
    and my son thought it was
    generous of God to give
    us his "last wife."

    My proudest moment came
    during the children's
    Christmas pageant.

    My daughter was playing Mary,
    two of my sons were shepherds
    and my youngest son was a wise man.
    This was their moment to shine.

    My five-year-old shepherd
    had practiced his line,
    "We found the babe wrapped
    in swaddling clothes."

    But he was nervous and said,
    "The baby was wrapped
    in wrinkled clothes."

    My four-year-old "Mary" said,
    "That's not 'wrinkled clothes,' silly.

    That's dirty, rotten clothes."

    A wrestling match broke out
    between Mary and the shepherd
    and was stopped by an angel,
    who bent her halo and lost
    her left wing.

    I slouched a little lower
    in my seat when Mary
    dropped the doll representing
    Baby Jesus, and it bounced
    down the aisle crying,

    Mary grabbed the doll,
    wrapped it back up
    and held it tightly as
    the wise men arrived.

    My other son stepped forward
    wearing a bathrobe
    and a paper crown,
    knelt at the manger
    and announced,
    "We are the three wise men,
    and we are bringing gifts
    of gold,
    common sense
    and fur."

    The congregation
    dissolved into laughter,
    and the pageant
    got a standing ovation.

    "I've never enjoyed a Christmas program as much as this one,"
    laughed the pastor,
    wiping tears from his eyes

    "For the rest of my life,
    I'll never hear the
    Christmas story without
    thinking of
    common sense
    and fur."

    "My children are my pride
    and my joy and my greatest
    blessing," I said as I dug
    through my purse for an aspirin.

    Jesus had no servants,
    yet they called Him Master.

    Had no degree,
    yet they called Him Teacher .

    Had no medicines,
    yet they called Him Healer.

    Had no army,
    yet kings feared Him.

    He won no military battles,
    yet He conquered the world.

    He committed no crime,
    yet they crucified Him.

    He was buried in a tomb,
    yet He lives today.

    Feel honored
    to serve such a Leader
    who loves us

    God Bless You All!
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    If anyone has a 1889 Remington side by side 12 guage, like I do- have a gunsmith check it for minute cracking. DON'T use modern shells in it! It could explode, and - where are your hands and face when it would???? Not to sound like an advertiser, but I found RST shotshells, from Friendsville, Pa. They supply me with 2 1/2" shells (not modern 2 3/4 or 3". I use 3/4 load, size 7 1/2 shot. Doesn't even kick. My wife can fire it. Still accurate and powerful enough to shoot trap at 50 yards.... There are only a few places that make those UltraLite shells. Get em while ya can! ($10.50 a box of 25/ 105.00 for 250)


    If this is too much like an ad,sorry- delete it...
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    Wrote this long ago. Since, all these dogs died or had to be put down in old age, suffering from arthritis. For Christmas, We just got handed another rescue Great Dane!!!!!!

    Dogs and Decks

    I think I married the Smartest Woman in the World-- she loves dogs!!!!!!

    Looking at the Boards tonight, I'm retreating to the Deck of Jimmy's World.

    Most know of my two houses in the plowed fields of Indiana. My Mother In Law's and Mine. Sitting in Light Business/Agricultural Zoned. A Pallet-making Business beside me. A " What is it this week?" Business across the road. Woods and Fields surrounding me. 2 acres-- mostly fenced in so the dogs don't escape, or someone steal them. The 5 dogs have their own Dog Door, so a full time doorman isn't needed.

    Most people cannot believe our Pack gets along. 2 Great Danes; a Mastiff; a Lab, and a Terrier- supposed to be Pit Bull that's closer to a Long-Nosed Staffordshire. These guys play, lay, and eat together. Often, I come home and can't see my bed-- just a giant ball of fur with dogs under it. If one gets grouchy-- the others sense it and they go their different ways. Walk toward the door of the Deck, and they all try to go thru the dog-door at once! Tug of War with a Stick Time!!!!!! The Male Great Dane is huge--40" tall- and the happiest! Danes were bred to run down Wild Boars-- they ARE fast! The big Male must have seen the Clydesale commercials-- he brings tree lmbs to play with!

    The second most happy is the Pit Bull. One never knows what he'll bring in. I've found a dead squirrel he proudly brought to show me next to my bed one morning. I am NEVER bored.....

    The 200 lbs. Mastiff (they were bred to kill Lions. They look muscular and slow-- but He is the most Athletic of the entire group! Knows how to Tackle!!!!) stays by my side constantly as the others play. Adopted me--Standing guard without being trained to. The female Dane comes close-- he knocks her out of the way!

    My Mother In Law sits in her house, watching the neighboring businesses. Says they shouldn't "Be Allowed" to pile things the way they do. Says the other business didn't ask if they could sell this or that. Says my son's truck he has for parts needs to go to a junk-yard. (It will-- after he gets his parts for his pick-up!) She reminds me of several on this board-- nit-picking-- wanting to rule every house but her own!

    Like I said, my Wife is the smartest woman in the world! She grabs my arm-- tells me to bring her a cup of coffee-- and goes to the Deck. One side of the deck is shaded by large maple trees. The other side is full sun. Some of our dogs are in both on the deck as I walk out. The Terrier is along the fence, watching vigilantly for rogue squirrels. My Wife tells me she thinks the squirrels are organizing a Coup-de-ta; she wonders if they won't carry off the Baby-Giant's truck? I hear a Hawk crying overhead-- see my son's pellet gun on the deck; see the Terrier patrolling-- tell my Wife "I think we can hold them off for a few more days, at least".....

    You see- there is Magic in the Deck. The Chairs are movable. We don't have to watch everything my Mother in law complains about. We can swing our chairs around to see God's Boundless Beauty! Rabbits in the fields; hawks watching them from above. My wife's flower garden OUTSIDE the fence (used to be inside-- the dogs trampled it)...The Deck is Peaceful. We can watch the dogs play. We can sit back, relax, and drink our coffee while talking of each other's day.

    This is how America should be-- No Rules! No Busybodies! Just Peace.....
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    My kids and I carrying my Dad in 2008. He was given away to an Uncle during the Depression because his parents couldn't afford to feed him. Then drafted, promoted, and went ashore at Normandy. Chased Hitler across Europe, and thru the Battle of the Bulge. He worked at Edgewood Army Chemical Depot for years- they closed the place before he got his full 30 year pension. Bought a farm in 1951, started his own dump truck biz by buying junk trucks and rebuilding them to drive. Always worked 2-3 jobs, rarely rested.

    Once he retired, it wasn't unusual for neighbors and townsfolk to stop in and need cars repaired. He always did- rarely charged them a dime except the parts. Worked on them til aged 80, knees got to him. Finally, at age 86, results from working with nerve gas shut down his liver...... He's buried 100 yards from Zenas MaComber- one of George Washington's bodyguards.
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    Moose, on 189 south of Yellowstone, Wyoming She was by the fence. No traffic for miles, so I slid to a stop on the icy roads to snap a picture. By time I stopped, she wanted out of there. Slow going in knee deep snow for a moose.....
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    Guess the Pic won't post, I'll work on it. USAF Staff Sergeant bryce g was volunTOLD to sing the National Anthem at Grissom AFB for his Retiring Full Bird Colonel's Celebration. Looked good in Dress Blues. About 5 rows of I was there ribbons...
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    Hat on for pic only. Yes, it came off inside. [​IMG]
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    Family Day at Grissom. jimmy g himself!
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    The bombings start in 15 minutes....

    I pushed all kinds of buttons. Wonder what comes on besides the windshield wipers when they turn the key on?
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