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Discussion in 'New England Motor Freight' started by rwdfinch51, Oct 8, 2010.

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    My son has begun searching for a better job, since he just became a father, and it suddenly hit him that kids are expensive. He does furniture moving for the local United agent, and he was asking me about NEMF.
    He lives near Harrisburg, not far from your small terminal you recently closed off of 283 at the Rheems-Elizabethtown exit. All I could tell him is that I never heard anything bad about the company, which in itself should be good, and I'm pretty sure he'll run between Harrisburg and New England.
    If any of you could give me additional information, I would appreciate it. I believe he wants to run line haul, but he wants to be home often, so that may not work for him.
    Thanks for your help.
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    As you can see there are many trucking companies on trucking boards..plenty of choices.nemf is privately owned..they have had their share of issues the last couple of years , but everyone has...i worked there for 6 years..the last couple were terrible--so much uncertainty--with layoffs , then they would call you to work just to lay you off again..i dont think much has changed..alot of upper management changes have rocked the company..they have left for greener pastures..linhaul there usually gets you home the same day, but it is overnight work...if he's a new guy he most likely will get the scraps which dont make much money..senior guys get to pick their advice would be to look around at a couple of companies ..try networking and even fill out applications even if they arent are very expensive and i'm glad he's looking to improve his life--good luck

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