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    This week a man who had worked for NEMF when it was teamsters, has passed on (8/25/2011, at 83 years of age.). Joe Grimes was his name, being a gentleman was his game. I knew of Joe from the barbershop we each go to. When Joe would be there, we'd talk about trucking in HIS DAY....Joe was never one to boast about himself or his job. Joe was a restorer and show participant of military vehicles. He would buy vehicles no one else would buy, like a "water buffalo" in fact...when someone (not me) asked him, "why did you buy such a thing"?? he said, "because no one else does"......

    Joe was also NOT in favor of the wildcat strike which eventually de-certified the teamsters. Joe just wanted to work, and he told of stories when he tried (albeit in vain) how he was trying to get the youngin's to not pull the wildcat strike. The older drivers did not want to strike, but those young guys, ruined it for future generations of NEMF employee's...

    in closing, when i had worked at NEMF (02), Joe had asked me if a particular truck was still there....i checked, and the next time i told him yes.....he went on to say, "that was MY truck when i retired 25+ years ago"..and it's still running...?????...!!!!

    RIP Joe, you will be missed..


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