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Discussion in 'Saia' started by Lobcity, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. bareknucklebrawler

    bareknucklebrawler Active Member

    I thought you were sexually harassed?
  2. Lobcity

    Lobcity Member

    There's a big buck at every terminal lol
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  3. bareknucklebrawler

    bareknucklebrawler Active Member

    Unfortunately yes there is .
  4. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    Guys...perspective please. The "guts" or "nuts and bolts" of my lawsuit is based on the sexual harassment that is was subject to while I was at Saia. So the lawsuit has nothing to do with my aforementioned question. I'm not goin into any further detail, just asking fellow board members for their respective opinions. If you don't have one on the subject, fine. But if you do, please share. Thank you
  5. nrpick

    nrpick Member

    What's with the new smaller in height pups that are popping up on the yard in DLS?
  6. conartist

    conartist Active Member

    Liftgates maybe? We've got a few new LG's up north. They're 12'6" high and have an overall length of 28' including liftgate frame.
  7. nrpick

    nrpick Member

    Yes they all have lift gates on them. Man they look small next to the regular pups.

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