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    Do like I have done in the past. If I go to make a pickup and is it packaged terrible and the shipper refuses to repackage it, I will then ask them to sign the bill that sefl is not responsible for damages(I was authorized by os&d to do this) they usually will not sign this but it make them think twice about repackaging it. Also SEFL is not making a profit......ask your terminal manager. Our terminal manager is on a team that goes around to allot of different terminals and he told quite a few drivers the other day that no terminal in the company is making profits.
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    This is not true. Some terminals are profitable now, but not all. Most companies are not profitable now, only one or two are and OD. is one. I don't think the "player" would be telling such things. Might be one of those things by the time the story gets around, it has changed.
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    No Layoffs? at sefl lmao

    LOL I did a stint with sefl when times were good. we got a day off every other week. the way i see it thats 5 weeks of layoff a year that you dont get payed for. management still feeding you all full of crap!
    sad part is looks like some still buy it. rather have the month layoff get some work done at home.
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    did you miss a paycheck.....i like the red kool-aid...and its free...
  5. Fishintx

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    guess your right racehorse never missed a paycheck
    do the math 21x40=840
    do the math
    keep drinkin the koolaid and working off the clock like the owners like you to
    some of us dont work for free
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    Well driver I personally have rotated 2 days since first of november Once in Nov. and again at the end of Jan. There are drivers on here that can verify that. I do realize others have had it worse. I do not know what all that math was, looked like Jethro's sifering to me, but if a lay off only lasted a month you would have a valid point. Go to conway's, YRC's, or some other companies threads and see how long most layoffs have lasted. In my domicile, I knowa Estes driver whom got layed off more than a year ago, After 6 months went to saia worked 3 months got the slip again. His unemployment runs out in 2 weeks. I'll show him your math, he'll feel better. YRC drivers in my town with 10 years plus got the axe. Still looking for work. Get some new batteries for your adding machine, get over what ever happened here, and enjoy your carreer where ever you are now. Must not be much of a place I noticed you didn't put that in your profile. By the way 7 posts and stirring crap won't make frinds here. Good day to you.
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    you must be a math teacher, and driver i dont see anyone working off the clock.
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    fishtx....i dont work off the clock...i am not that stupid...did you...yeah i like the red kool-aid...whats that arithmetic you doing son..are you tring to say you make more on unemployment...oh yew must be over at greener pastures truck line...the perfect carrier...drinking that green kool-aid...since you dont work for us anymore...what barn did you work at.....besides nobody works off the clock for insurance reasons...and if you asked you could have one month to three months off and they will pay your insurance...
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    I have to agree with the things yall have mentioned and it sounds as if we are "creating" junk freight by not doing the job "Right the First Time Every Time". I'm not on the end that sees the result of a load I take to its destination terminal but to hear employees talk, it sounds like supervisors are being pushed to cut hours which is cutting corners creating claims. Hopefully somone will reconize what you are saying if not anytime one of us gets the oppurtuninty to fix a problem maybe, it will help. Be Safe and Pray for our company's Leardership and our country!
  10. imported_poopoohead

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    How did we go from discussing junk freight to a unhappy former employee who did a short "stint" with SEFL, which means 1.Got fired or 2. Couldn't hack it! After 25 plus years I have never taking 5 weeks off in a year. Even with these really tough times working for SEFL is an excellent choice. Still trying to figure out the math listed above because I'm no math teacher but in Ga last I heard you don't get $400 plus a day. As far as junk freight goes, you guys are hitting on the head, "IT begins and ends with the driver". You have to protect yourself by protecting the company because this is our future. People must also protect it once you've done your part by cutting cost but "not" cutting corners. Dunnage load bar load racks - these items spend more time being put on empty trailers to keep off someones dock than being pplaced in use. Keep working smart guys and letting someone know, someone will listen in the end. Pray for Leadership and our country and be safe.
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    Once again poopoohead u are dead on!!!!!
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