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Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by vongrimmenstein, May 7, 2017.

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    Just a thought. Would like your point of view. A lot of us who post & who just watch the site but not post & who are working or retired ABF employees, should try a different approach. Every time something wrong, stupid, more expensive, violates the companies or Federal Safety rule or law, loading the first stop in the nose, or anything that makes no sense, send some kind of communication to corporate asking for a better solution or some kind of response. THEN post on the Union Board or leave copies in the ready/break room as to how corporate sees the problem and responds to it. I say this being retired so it is easy to be an arm chair quarterback. By doing so & WITHOUT FAIL letting the rank & file who will vote on the next contract see how corporate truly is. This needs to be started long before contract time. Maybe this is wish full thinking. But, if ABF is going to preach their propaganda, why not preach ours? My thought by calling corporate on obvious problems in each barn is not to rat out management, but for the rank & file to have a true view of the corporation they work for. As a retiree I would devote time to an endeavor like this. Might be a bad idea, & might not work, but something HAS TO BE DONE to counter the culture of we are broke & need more concessions. For failure to inform our fellow brother & sisters of information, we will end up with the same, less compensation for our labor. von.
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    Prayer? You cannot petition the Lord with prayer!

    Fort Smith stopped listening to employees without ties a long time ago.
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